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Can't Slow Down? 2 Great Tips for Slowing Down

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Do you need to slow down to reduce your stress?Stress is taking over most of our lives. We are caught in a cycle of repetitive behavior and cannot see a way out. Changing our habits is challenging. We are going against our usual actions, reactions and leaving our comfort zone.

Slowing down, and bringing awareness into your day will reap many rewards, and the discomfort is worth the outcome. In this way you are bringing meditation and spirituality into your life.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you bring full attention to everything that you are doing.

How to slow down tip #1: Eating Mindfully

More often than not we have eaten our food and not really relished or enjoyed it. Eating can seem like a race to see how fast you can clear your plate and move on to the next thing. Try these simple steps:

  • Eat slowly.
  • Chew every mouthful thoroughly
  • Put your cutlery down between mouthfuls
  • Have no distractions – television, laptops…
  • Eat in a designated place
  • Stop eating when you are full

By eating in this way you will reduce the amount of food you eat, enable you to enjoy and taste food. You may even lose weight.

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How to slow down tip #2: Walking Mindfully

Having to walk anywhere can be seen as an inconvenience. We tend to rush from one place to the next unconsciously, without really being aware of our self or our surroundings. We can be lost in thoughts and our breathing may be erratic which adds to our stress levels. The mind is usually set on the outcome and not the journey.

Walking mindfully is a totally different experience.

  • Walk slowly
  • Breath evenly and naturally
  • Focus on each step you are taking
  • Feel the different parts of the foot move as you are walking
  • Notice how you feel and your surroundings
  • Use walking as an opportunity to ground yourself and necessary to keep your body functioning healthily

When you walk in this way you will feel more relaxed, calmer and have more clarity of mind.

Hope this is useful!

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