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The Road To Spiritual Enlightenment

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Obtain enlightment through discovering your spiritual sides.

What is spirituality? It is a difficult term to define because spirituality is objective; it means different things to different people. Nearly everyone practices some type of spirituality.

There is no need to be “religious” to experience spiritual enlightenment. Even many atheists find some sort of comfort in the world around them, such as Pagans who choose to worship the creation, not the creator.


So, loosely defined, spirituality is the source of one’s being. It is the path you choose to follow and seek guidance and comfort in you life, something greater than yourself, a higher power as some refer to it. Personal spirituality is most often the force in your existence that reflects your personality and outlook on life.

So how does someone gain spirituality? It is a journey unique to each individual. Some achieve it through meditation while others find answers by communing with nature. Still others still find peace through the influence of the animals in their lives as teachers. How spirituality is achieved is a distinctly personal choice.


How spiritual enlightenment is accomplished is unimportant. Wisdom gained by any means is profitable to those that learn. Wisdom can be gained by studying the philosophies of any of the great masters. Whether it be Buddha, Confucius, Kierkegaard, Jesus Christ or Socrates; there are a nearly endless variety of styles and schools of thought to suit most everyone’s divine needs.


There are three basic aspects to any spiritual awakening.

  • Faith– Your faith is the foundation of your spiritual well-being. It is your core belief system. It is the cornerstone upon which your principles and moral code are built.
  • Hope– The attitude that thingswill be alright and will work out for the best is vital in any spiritual belief system. Once a person loses hope, they have lost everything.
  • Inspiration– The need to go forward and do better in your life is what spurs most of us to achieve bigger and better things. An effective belief system provides motivation and encouragement to soldier on.

Prayer is another aspect that most include in their spiritual portfolio but it is not necessary. It is simply communication with one’s “higher power”.


In recent years, spirituality has gained credibility in the normally very straight laced, science based medical field. Numerous studies have shown that patients with a belief system that is regularly practiced not only contract fewer ailments than their counterparts that have no clear cut faith but also recover more quickly when they do.

Spirituality is the force that connects us with the cosmos and creates a “oneness” with the universe and all of its inhabitants. It is completely objective. It is entirely possible that no two individuals on this earth share the exact same philosophies and beliefs.


Obtaining spiritual security is something that we all strive for at one time or other during our lifetimes. Most of us actually try a variety of different methods until we settle on one that we are satisfied with.

Working with a spiritual coach can help us find what we are looking for more quickly. A coach can help us make the most of this necessary component to a content and peaceful existence. 

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  • Claire Larner
    April 10, 2013

    Thanks for your steps and ideas. I like to think of myself as more of a spiritual than religious person. The point you made on how spirituality is important for health is a good one. I think that when the mind holds on to a belief strongly enough, the body will follow suit--that is why patients undergoing chemo are told that half the job is done so long as they stay positive. Spirituality is a great way to reach a positive and calm state of mind.

  • fgfunnels

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