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Tips for Achieving Greater Consciousness and Self-awareness

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Spirituality can become meaningful for people at any stage of life.

People from all walks of life yearn to discover something deeper. These people want a greater consciousness, better self-awareness, and connectivity to something bigger than them and beyond them. If you are reading this, the odds are great that you are one of these people that has a great desire for spiritual growth.

If you want to tap into spirituality, you can. The only person who can take the reins on your spiritual growth is you. There are many things you can try to develop consciousness and a greater sense of presence and self-awareness, and the following are just a few of these to help you get started on your journey of spiritual growth.


One of your first steps in your transformation into a more spiritual being is to be more present. In any given moment, you need to cultivate your self-awareness, becoming cognizant of the moment you are in. You need to realize that you cannot be, in that moment, anywhere else but where you are, so you should make the most of it.

Don’t fret about the past since you can’t change it, and don’t worry about the future since you aren’t there yet. Take note of the present, becoming more self-aware and aware of the world around you: the sights, sounds, smells, and more. This is simple to do, but it can help you to feel a greater connection to wherever you are and whoever you are with, a big step toward greater spirituality.



Meditation, even in short doses, has been known to have all sorts of positive benefits. Proponents of meditation have boasted that this practice can help ease stress, reduce blood pressure, deeper relaxation, immune system enhancements, increased creativity, a self confidence boost, greater tolerance, and much more.

Many of these other benefits aid in spiritual growth, making meditation key for many as they grow their spirituality. Those who meditate have said that it has helped them have increased compassion, self-acceptance, and levels of forgiveness. Additionally, people have found that meditation has helped them find their purpose, get a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and has let them have a deeper relationship with God or the universe. Many report a sense of oneness and many other aspects of spiritual growth through their meditation practice.


As mentioned, there are many other people who, like you, seek spiritual growth. Because so many people are on a similar journey, there are many who have written extensively on developing greater consciousness, increasing self-awareness, and other components of growing into a spiritual being.

If you are serious about finding your spiritual self, you should find out what those who have come before you have discovered along this journey. Reading books, listening to recordings, and other methods of self-study can help you to become more spiritual by learning from their successes and triumphs in this area. While your spirituality is almost certainly unique to you, you can surely become more self-aware, learning more about who you are and who you want to be.


You can become more spiritual. There are many actions you can take to achieve greater consciousness and self-awareness, and being present, meditating, and studying are just three things you can do to help you on this path. A spiritual life can help you to feel more fulfilled as a human being, so start taking steps toward your spiritual growth today to increase your quality and enjoyment of life.

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  • Jacob Meyers
    April 16, 2013

    Meditation plays a vital role in overall well-being. As mentioned in another tip on this site, meditation doesn't mean sitting in one spot and humming 'Om'. It can also entail any form of exercise or activity that can calm your mind. A good example is yoga. I like running and biking as it allows me to push myself to the limit. It also frees my mind and I highly recommend this form of exercise to those seeking self-awareness.


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