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What to Do in Retirement


what to do in retirement

Looking for some ideas about what to do in retirement? Here are some quick tips for transitioning from work life into retired life.

1. Learn to relax

Some retirees find it difficult to go from their hard-working lifestyle to a one filled with an amount of spare time they aren’t accustomed to, and some actually start feeling guilty about doing nothing and feel like they're wasting their life. You need to appreciate your new luxury of being able to do what you want, when you want or even not doing anything sometimes.


2. Maintain your sense of humor

As your body keeps aging, you will have to face a few new struggles and won't be able to move as you did when you were young. Don't stress yourself about that and don't take it all too seriously. Enjoy all the free time you have now, and take that time to laugh a lot and see the best in everything.

3. Try to stay in shape:

Isaac Newton once said "Things that are moving tend to stay in movement and things that rest tend to stay at rest", and this very much applies to us humans too. Make sure you're still taking a few walks, don't sit around for too long, you'll risk getting your bones rusty. Small actions will apply very much to your overall health. You're going to extend the amount of time you'll still enjoy going outside without having to face any severe pains, as you're still fit enough.

4. Read books

The best remedy to bring color into daily life is reading a good book. Not only is it great fun, but it also keeps your brain fit. Who says you only have to keep your body in shape? The brain is the most important muscle we have, and that one should be trained, too.

5. Learn something new

Was there a course you wanted to take when you were young but didn’t have the time and money for it? Now’s your chance to learn! It can be anything, a new language, cooking lessons, dance lessons, learn to play a new instrument or go all the way back to college and finish (or start) a degree.

6. Go to your Physician

When you were working you probably didn’t have much time for going on doctor appointments but now you do. Make appointments to stay on top of your health and know how’s your body holding up, what supplements you might need to take or if anything needs to be taken care of.


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