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Who Are the Best Life Coaches on YouTube? Our Top 15 (Inspiration Guide)


best life coaches on youtube, coaching tip

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When we have experienced something negative in the past, we might pull back on trusting people. As they say, once bitten, twice shy. But if we want to succeed in both our personal and professional lives, we need to learn when to trust and when to let go. When we limit ourselves and make life more difficult, we double our obstacles and struggles.

Life coaches are people we can trust when it comes to changing for the better. With the assistance of a life coach, you can set your own personal and professional goals and recognize your strengths. Whether you are a life coach seeking to up your marketing game, or a potential client wanting to get your life in gear and goals met, get ready to be inspired by this list of the 15 best life coaches on YouTube.

15 best life coaches on YouTube


1. Tom Bilyeu 

Tom Bilyeu YouTube channel, Impact Theory, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder and host of Impact Theory as well as the co-founder of the multibillion-dollar company Quest Nutrition. Through his videos, he ignites people’s passion and helps them put their ambitions into action.  As a viewer, you will learn how to strengthen your mentality, hone your leadership skills professionally and personally, and dig deep into your core to live your best life. 

His subscribers will attest to how much he has helped make a difference in their lives. He shares invaluable knowledge, which not only raises their level of life but also helps them develop self-awareness – one of the most important qualities in today's fiercely competitive society. 

Tom provides plenty of useful advice to help you get back on track and become the best version of yourself, whether you're feeling stuck in your current situation, finding it difficult to let go of previous mistakes, or simply having lost momentum toward your objectives. 

He shares invaluable knowledge, which not only raises their level of life but also helps them develop self-awareness – one of the most important qualities in today's fiercely competitive society. 

2. Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson, creator of Optimize YouTube channel, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Brian Johnson is the creator of Optimize and the Founder and CEO of Heroic. He enjoys learning, living, and helping others optimize their lives so that together, we may all change the world.

focus on hand, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Did you know that the Latin word optimus, which means "the best," is the root of the word optimize? Through Optimize, Brian aims to support people in becoming the best versions of themselves. He helps them discover what they truly value and see as a virtue. 

3. Lisa A. Romano

Lisa A. Romano, Breakthrough Life Coach Inc, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Success Mindset and Personal Development Coach Lisa A. Romano practices spiritual healing. Her life's work is assisting others in healing old wounds so they can learn to accept themselves and, ultimately, live more spiritually fulfilling lives.  

We are intelligent people who repeatedly make bad decisions without realizing that our unconscious minds are still using our childhood survival techniques. Both a conscious and a spiritual journey are necessary for personal development. She can show you how to reach your wounded areas and direct you toward letting light and love heal you where it is most needed.

In order to help you level up in every aspect of your life, Lisa shares with you her transformational tools. She helps you become a magnet for genuine love and satisfying careers when you gain confidence in your skills, thinking, and decision-making process. You also become a positive role model. The question is, are you ready to level up?

In order to help you level up in every aspect of your life, Lisa shares with you her transformational tools. She helps you become a magnet for genuine love and satisfying careers when you gain confidence in your skills, thinking, and decision-making process.

4. Valorie Burton

Valorie Burton, life coaching for successful women, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Best-selling author, speaker, and life coach Valorie Burton is committed to assisting individuals in being unstoppable and unstuck in all facets of their lives. Her goal is to motivate people to have more fulfilling lives by using writing and public speaking as channels.

Valorie continually comes up with innovative concepts, creates evaluations, and shares positive psychology advice to inspire fresh ideas about how to improve the lives of women. 

You can expect to hear her lecture on a variety of subjects, including how positive psychology can make you more resilient, how to ask questions that will provide ground-breaking insights, how to combine job, family, and personal growth, and much more.

5. Leo Gura

Leo Gura, founder of, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Leo Gura, a life coach and the founder of, helps people find their purpose in life and stay on track to become world-class performers. The main goal of is to share a thorough understanding of reality, life, and the inner workings of the mind. He discusses difficult issues such as: 

  • What is reality?
  • What is consciousness? 
  • Who is God? 
  • What is the point of life?
  • What exactly is joy? 
  • How do I live the good life?
  • How can I achieve success?

Leo has definitely cultivated an incredible understanding of life. What’s crazy is that we all have the ability to decide whether or not something will upset us or not. And yet, we seem to be pre-programmed to let it always hurt us anyways. His videos help you stop caring about what other people think, deal with toxic people, master your emotions, and much more. If you appreciate blunt honesty and straightforwardness, Leo is your best choice. 

6. Aaron Doughty

Aaron Doughty, spirituality, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Aaron Doughty helps people raise their consciousness and supports them in harnessing the power of spirituality and self-discovery to create a life of purpose. In 2012, he underwent a spiritual awakening that fundamentally altered his life. After learning meditation, he began to doubt all of his preconceived notions about himself. Since then, he felt that it is his responsibility to help others realize that they are high-vibrational beings who are capable of letting go of their past suffering and unpleasant experiences.

Aaron creates content on a range of topics, including common consciousness, the Law of Attraction, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and more. He strives to make spirituality both practical and relatable. He would definitely help you uplift your consciousness and vibration, the same as he does.

If you change the thoughts you think and stretch you limitations, eventually, the external reality will begin to reflect that. Aaron Doughty, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

7. Shawnda – Life with Shawnda

Life with Shawnda, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Shawnda is an amazing life coach well-known for her YouTube channel, Life with Shawnda, which is well-liked for its content on dating and relationships, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Shawnda is the author of three books: The Dating, Breaking the Man Code, and Getting Unstuck. She also publishes an advice column where her readers can submit letters for guidance on various dating and relationship concerns.

Her YouTube account, which she launched in 2009, has 124K followers and more than 18 million total views. Viewers can watch more than 1000 videos on her channel.

8. Financial Coach Jess

Financial Coach Jess, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Financial Coach Jess is part of the list because, in addition to inspiring people to organize their finances, she also provides excellent advice on how to improve your financial coaching business, particularly when you're just getting started.

By sharing money management skills, such as how to increase your savings or reduce your debt, Financial Coach Jess can assist you in achieving your financial objectives. She helps people understand the psychological and behavioral aspects of managing their finances. In order to develop a better attitude that results in improved financial habits, she can assist you in identifying the factors that influence your financial decisions.

9. Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Robin Sharma has been hailed as one of the world's top leadership gurus and is regarded as one of the world's top presenters on leadership and personal mastery. 

His videos have garnered millions of views and have so many tips and life-changing lessons in store for you, and it’s unbelievable you get all these for free.

According to Robin, consistency is the mother of mastery. Start your day by sweating. Start a journal to be aware of your goals and know yourself better. Plan the week every Sunday, and write it out. Go the extra mile, deliver more than expected, and become indispensable. Schedule 60 minutes a day for learning. Lastly, spend time in silence, solitude, and stillness, just thinking. Ideation without execution is nothing more than delusion. 

Consistency is the mother of mastery.

These are a few lessons you can learn in just one video; imagine all the secrets of life you can have at the tip of your fingers!

biking, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

10. Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Evan Carmichael founded and then sold a biotech software company at the age of 19. He raised $500k to $15M as a venture capitalist at the age of 22. Today, he talks internationally, has written 4 books, and operates a YouTube channel for business owners with over 2 million subscribers. 

Evan has but one thing on his mind - resolving the untapped human potential. Among the many lessons you can learn, he believes that setting an example of success can help your business expand the fastest. Find someone who has achieved your goal, follow their lead, and modify it for your own circumstances. Everything he learns, everything he knows, he compiles into treasures of information that you can find on his channel.

11. Linda Raynier

Linda Raynier, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

As a career strategist, speaker, and intuitive purpose coach, Linda Raynier helps people in:

  • enhancing their individual brand in the workplace and market,
  • making smooth job changes after leaving a certain industry or profession,
  • building effective connections with hiring managers, bosses, and coworkers, and
  • updating their job search tactics, interviewing techniques, and CV to apply to their desired job posts. 

But more than that, she sheds light on the importance of being your 100% authentic self. She is particularly passionate about helping career-focused people in standing out from the crowd. She shows all viewers how to build their own strong brands and be recognized as industry leaders. 

If you have the desire, passion, and vision to succeed in your job, Linda shares practical, useful, and heart-centered advice to get you going. 

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How to attract high value coaching clients

I believe we each have a divide life purpose. When your career aligns with that purpose is when you'll be happiest and truly fulfilled. Linda Raynier, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

12. Aileen Xu

Aileen Xu, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Aileen Xu is definitely one of the top life coaches on YouTube; she describes herself as an "artist of life" and is the motivational force behind the well-liked YouTube channel "Lavendaire." Aileen, a TEDx speaker, has written a workbook with the same name.

Her YouTube channel serves as a resource for information on lifestyle planning, personal development, and maintaining an open mind. She imparts her wisdom and inspiration to leading a fulfilling life.

Aileen regularly uploads new content to her channel, covering a wide range of subjects such as relationship anxieties, self-care, healthy habits, getting motivated, accepting life changes, self-discovery and healing, avoiding burnout from productivity, having open conversations, relaxation sound therapy, cool lifestyle advice, and many others.

13. Bernadette Logue – The Daily Positive

Bernadette Logue, The Daily Positive, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Apart from being a transformation life coach, Bernadette Logue is also an author and the founder of The Daily Positive which aims to give both free information and premium education to the global community so people can learn to master their minds, adopt conscious living, and align their souls.

Bernadette, or B as she’d you like to go by, is not your typical life coach. She is a trailblazer who lives on the edge and practices what she preaches, walks the talk!

Throughout her life, she had to go deep in order to pursue her soul's journey. She knows what it takes to surrender, to go with the flow, and most importantly, how to fearlessly say goodbye to life as you know it in order to usher in the life you know is possible. She did this by leaving her hometown, friends, family, work, and selling her home and everything she possessed. 

Now, do you really want to know what it means to be positive? Trust that B can coach you to the answer.

yellow happy balloons, happiness, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

14. Melanie Robbins

Melanie Robbins, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

American attorney Melanie Robbins also works as a television broadcaster, author, and motivational coach and speaker. Mel is well-known for her TEDx lecture, “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over”; her books, The 5 Second Rule and The High 5 Habit; and her coverage of the George Zimmerman trial for CNN.

But for many years, Mel Robbins spent years talking badly about herself, allowing people-pleasing, perfectionism, anxiety, and other self-destructive behaviors to take over her until she could not recognize herself. Are you wondering how such a high-profile individual survived this?

If you can relate, then you know it's draining. You probably never gave yourself a break. And to top it all off, you keep questioning and doubting yourself. You simply can't achieve your goals, and despite the passage of time, you remain unaware of what is preventing you. If you’re tired of feeling so down, she can walk you through the process of reinvention. 

If you believe that it is difficult to achieve your goals at your job, at home, and in your relationships, remember that it is not. You simply need to know how, and she is eager to tell you all about it.

15. Brendon Burchard  

Brendon Burchard,, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Brendon Burchard is the #1 high-performance coach in the world. He’s also a three-time New York Times bestselling author and one of the most listened-to, cited, and admired motivational speakers in history.No matter how small you start, start something that matters. Brendon Burchard, best life coaches on YouTube, coaching tip

Many people can give you advice, but Brendon provides world-class training in marketing and motivation, and he has used the same techniques to develop a successful 8-figure business with low overhead, high-profit margins, and a luxurious lifestyle. The best thing about him is that he has a caring, generous heart and a desire to share his knowledge with others so they can improve their lives and change the world for the better!

Many people can give you advice, but Brendon provides world-class training in marketing and motivation, and he has used the same techniques to develop a successful 8-figure business with low overhead, high-profit margins, and a luxurious lifestyle.

Why stop at YouTube?

The inspiration doesn’t stop at YouTube. Coaches are all over social media. If you’re a fan of images more than videos, check out the best life coaches on Instagram for another hit of motivation adrenaline!

Thinking of starting your own YouTube channel? 

At the core, all life coaches aim to help people realize their potential and live their best lives. If you are a life coach thinking of starting your own channel to touch more lives, I have a few tips for you. 

  • Establish your own brand. People should be able to tell right away what your channel is about when hearing or seeing your channel name and display photos.
  • Create a unique narrative that you want your channel to communicate. A channel with a consistent, well-defined programming vision will draw viewers back.
  • Write a keyword-optimized title, description, and tags
  • Build a social media presence to promote your channel.

And that’s it, you’re ready to go!

Connect with a coach

Today, life coaches have never been easier to approach and communicate with. They are all over social media outlets to reach out and support people. If you want to be connected directly to a life coach, browse our life coach directory. If you’re having trouble deciding who to partner with, submit a coaching request to be matched with the most compatible life coach available!


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