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Practical Training Tips for Art Coaching

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You Can Expect Opportunities In Life

Simple Acts

In order to create your life, you need simple acts. But this "simple" is not always so easy. Sometimes we know what we need to do, but these steps seem difficult for us. And sometimes we do not have an exact plan. These tips will help you to start.
Life as an art that cannot be copied; it must be created.
What symbol would come to your mind when thinking about a life?

  • Draw it for yourself, move ahead, live it.
  • We can draw the plan of our life in the present, fixing the past, creating the future in the same way as we learn any art.

You are the creator of your day.

  • Forget about the negative things that happened yesterday. It is not connected with your future.
  • Bring out only positive experiences, knowledge and good relationships.
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Creating our future

If today we discover an artist within ourselves, tomorrow we can create our future. Every small step is valuable... Small deeds create great things. The first step to the Moon was created by many efforts... Our life is composed of many steps. Whole lively images are not possible without following of steps that will compose it.
Leave only what you really like and want.

  • Understand what brings you enjoyment. This is the most important.
  • Find something that gives you a real pleasure, and then include it in your life plan’s steps.

Being Creative

Creativity is the art of vision for what is not real yet. Our skills start to develop and display from inside to outside, appearing in outside environment by measure of our belief in our abilities. Art exists as a means of knowing the world. Then living becomes part and parcel of the practice of art.
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

Design your ideal life.

  • Use “The Wheel of Life” tool for Coaching.Remember it.
  • Start to appreciate what you have at the moment and then ask yourself what you need to add to it that you get the most out of the 4 main components – family life and health, financial status, social participation and spiritual enjoyment of life.

The creation of a final goal is part of a person's uniqueness... In order for the living creature to be real, it must simultaneously transfigure itself by going beyond itself... Do not try to please others. It is much more interesting to live a unique life, instead of trying to be someone's duplicate.

Art is a partnership between people and the world. Our life plan is our strategy to deal with the world around us.

Creating our own opportunities

Create opportunities. You can expect an opportunity in life, or just try to create it yourself. Focus on what you want, not on how you will achieve this. If you are open to new opportunities - everything is possible.

Gratitude is also a way of creativity.

“The only hurdle between you and what you want to be in is the support of other people.” David Joseph Schwartz

We can find out who we are through seeing ourselves in our interaction with others.

  • Try to surround yourself with honest, open, intelligent and successful people. We are our environment.
  • Spend more time with people you respect.
  • Try to minimize the negative interaction with angry and pessimistic people.
  • Use every moment and every person in order to learn something new.
  • Start traveling. Never mind that there is no money for a round-the-world trip.

The quality of recreation has nothing to do with the money; the best of my travels were in regions without pathos and expensive life. If you see diversity of the world, you create a small space around you and you become more tolerant, calmer and wiser.

The Art Coaching Workbook

In the Art Coaching Workbook, you will find the unique formula for your created life. There’s really something for every one, no matter what their goals and dreams might be. You will enjoy this. You'll be surprised at the effective tactics, and they are fun! It consists of 12 simple monthly modules to help you create your life.
Each month you will have a new module: 

  • The most important thing you must do first to get your results in 2018
  • How to work toward success, wealth, peace and happiness 
  • How to let go of pain, suffering, stress and anxiety -- and move forward with confidence, joy and ease. Unhealthy stress reduces the ability to use our creativity. But creativity can be reactivated and trained! 
  • How to create the blueprint for your dream life – the one you love and really deserve and much more! 

This is about the art of responding creatively to changes and problems, in everyday life, work, and relationships…For happy living you need one thing: creativity! Creativity is not just reserved for artists - it is true that each man has an artist within!

Artcoaching is a guide to life that combines advice for creativity from Artcoaching theory with its Practical Training Tips and Tools.
This book is dedicated to the coaching of life through art. The Artcoaching methods will help you to create the destiny of your own life as an art. 

What is the difference between Artcoaching and other methods?

Artcoaching is not a new method of self-improvement, but a fundamentally different way of thinking and acting to achieve desired goals. Do not pursue, but receive. And do not change yourself, but come back to yourself. The meaning of these words will be clear only at the end of the book.

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