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What you Appreciate, "Appreciates"

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First things, first

Most people put the horse before the cart when it comes to creating what they want. They think the things they want will make them happy. That's really what we all want--to be happy! But the way the law of attraction and deliberate creation work is, you need to cultivate an attitude of appreciation and happiness FIRST. Then, the things you want can show up.

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Practice appreciation!

The key here is to practice! The more you practice appreciating what you have and expressing gratitude both for what you already have and what is on its way to you, the better you feel, the more you shift your vibration and point of attraction, and the easier it gets to shift into that higher flow. 

  1. Get yourself a beautiful journal and a pen that feels good in your hand. Make it a practice to write in it every day about what you are grateful for. Once you get started, more will flow.  
  2. If you don't like writing, another suggestion is to record your appreciations. You can easily do this into your phone voice memos, for example. Then play the recording back and enjoy it!   What we place our attention on with emotion is what shows up in our lives. So when you shift from noticing what is going wrong in your life to what is going right in your life, you attract more ease.
  3. When you feel pretty good and want to keep it going or amplify it even more, do a "Rampage of Appreciation." Just look around you and notice something in your environment that you like: your pet, the blue sky, fresh air, colorful flowers, a nice building, your car. Then think of how wonderful, beautiful or useful it is. Notice your improved feeling and appreciate that.   Then keep it coming. What else? Choose things that are easy to appreciate. Pretty soon, the momentum builds and you find yourself in a flow of good feeling thoughts. Now you are living in the present moment, feeling great!

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