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How to Use the Law of Attraction

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In my practice, I use many techniques to break through the shell that most of us carry around in order to just make it through life.

So many people are just surviving. They do not understand the nature of what our human journey is while on earth. People are taught to follow guideline to reach some invisible ceiling that equates to having become successful.

These are falsities that have plagued us for so long.

What is success?

Many truly believe it is their duty to go to school, get a career, have a family and die.

  • There is no inspiration in that scenario.
  • There is no deliberate action to which they identify in the path they want to take and go for it.

I have to impress first and foremost, there is no one blueprint for being successful in life.

Success is exactly what makes you feel happy, content and exploding with excitement for life. This will look different for many people because we all are cut from a different cookie cutter.

This success you want, and eventually implement, must be grounded in positivity, intention, deliberate action, and followed by faith that what you dream of is on its way.

During this time you must learn to receive whatever it is that you have put your heart and soul into. You do this by consistently remaining in a place of contentment and knowing that you have thoroughly done your part in the law of attraction and deep in your soul you KNOW nothing else besides what you see in your own mind's eye will manifest


How to practice the law of attraction

How do you convince yourself so strongly, you might ask?

This is done by taking time each and every day to commit action to continually building upon your vision. See the more you research, the more you become educated, the more you listen to those who have succeeded at what you want… this draws into you, the parallel.

This parallel will give you all the answers as to how you will make your dream come closer and closer, faster and faster. Doors will open up where there they were originally shut. Answers will start to fall in your lap.

As you see the law of attraction working this excitement will invade your heart and mind because you no longer feel that life is controlling you or that you are running on auto-pilot. This is when visions start to grow and the average person soon becomes the visionary.

Your mind is now connected to the Universal mind, which is the all abundant living consciousness of ideas that has yet to be tapped into. When this happens you will realize that you don’t want anything negative to bring you down out of your zone.

  • You must make sure that you are always surrounding yourself with positive people, feeding your mind with positive material, using positive affirmations to program your mind and condition it to automatically stay in this zone.
  • You must also visualize the specific things that will make you happy, be it big or small, short-term or long-term. This gives you a picture to imagine at all times in your mind. It will constantly send a vibration out to the universe, drawing back its parallel.
  • When this happens in any way…be grateful and thank the Universe, then try your best to give back and help your fellow humans. Helping people is a completely natural way to create feelings of gratitude, love and service to humanity. This increases the cycle of manifestation by reaping what you have sown.

How you'll feel after you practice the law of attraction

  1. You will begin to feel so good about yourself that you will want balance in every aspect, such as emotionally and in terms of health. This want will naturally take place because you are actually healing your life and your whole being.
  2. Your energy levels will increase because you have motivation, desire, and a determined means for which you plan on seeing your aspiration come into reality.
  3. This same drive will motivate you to always feed yourself spiritually, balance your physical health and understand your emotions. Why? Because these things are what draw in more positive things. Such as feeling connected to the Universe and a sense of well-being.
  4. Your health will also improve because your stress levels will plummet once you get on the right path that truly brings YOU happiness!
  5. You will also be motivated to take care of your new happy vessel, and you will research how to do it. You will finally understand the depth of this primal law of attraction, and that it is always working whether you want it to or not. The effects will prove to you that changing your thoughts and emotions will change your LIFE!

Now, time for an Action plan

  1. So first things first: “What is your DREAM?”
  2. Second: “are you COMMITTED to going after it?” and
  3. Third “are you ready for a wild ride into the world of possibilities?”

Then let us begin…

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