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The Law of Attraction: The Key to Automatic Happiness

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The Basis of Law of Attraction

We create our reality. That is the basis of the Law of Attraction. We create our reality through our thoughts and our choices. But there is a piece most people won’t tell you about the Law of Attraction: it is actually automatic.

We often forget that we are designed to run automatically. We don’t have to think about breathing or keeping our heart beating  and we get extremely uncomfortable when we don’t eat or we eat something that isn’t good for us. Our bodies, and the more “primitive” portions of our brains, react automatically to our surroundings and steer us toward the path that will help us grow and be happy. We get to choose whether or not to take that path. And we often choose to fight it.


Creating Our Reality

I have a friend who was in a difficult point in her marriage and was having a hard time deciding what to do. Her world started rearranging to help her move onto a new path; she never saw her husband anymore because they worked opposite shifts, she was unhappy when she was around her husband and happy when she wasn’t with him. They fought constantly, and she even stopped having any sexual attraction to him. At the same time, all of her friends and family were telling her to stick it out, keep to the vows she made, and work through the “rough patch”. As we talked, we both realized that the external struggle between what her body was telling her, in which her body was literally closing off from her husband, and the advice and opinions of those around her—telling her to “work it out”—was echoing her internal struggle to stay or go. She was re-creating her internal reality externally.

This example is a great illustration of how literally we can take the Law of Attraction. You really do create your reality and it really is automatic. My friend wasn’t thinking about mirroring her internal struggle in her external life but it was happening anyway. Because the Law of Attraction is just as automatic as breathing, and just as important.

So what do you do with this information? What is the takeaway from all of this? I think it boils down to one thing: choice.

Making a choice

While we create our reality and automatically tend toward the path of growth and happiness, we always have choices. Just like my friend, we can either choose the path that our bodies have laid out for us, or we can choose to override the autopilot with our thoughts. We can choose to stay in a situation that is obviously not good for us because we think it is what we should be doing, or what our lives should look like. We can let our judgements and expectations create a reality where we are mildly or desperately unhappy.

Or we can let our autopilot do what it is designed to do; head us toward growth and happiness on the most direct route. Your choice.


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