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What is a Health coach?

A health coach is a type of life coach who will help you reach your health, fitness and wellness goals. Health coaching is becoming increasingly popular as people realize it takes more than a yearly physical at the doctor to stay on top of their health goals.

What does a Health coach do?

A health coach is a lot like a personal trainer at the gym. Except instead of only being on your side about a specific workout in your health club, a health coach is by your side for all the decisions affecting your health. Whatever your goals may be, they help you track them and stay accountable to them, over multiple areas of your life including nutrition, weight loss, illness, maintaining your youth and vitality, and truly thriving!

Do I need a Health coach?

If you struggle with issues such as weight loss, chronic health conditions, loss of vigour and energy, or the effects of stress, then a health coach would probably be a great choice for you. Take a look at the coaches below to find one who meets your own personal criteria, then book a free call or make contact.


Health coaches

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  • Coach Shelly Hudelson Coaching hours icon 197 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $125 - $5000 USD Contact me

    Shelly Hudelson

    Free Call!

    Professional, motivated, team player to help you turn "I can't into I can." Make It Happen!

  • Coach Fareed Cooks Coaching hours icon 1 hrs United States $40 - $100 USD Contact me

    Fareed Cooks

    Free Call!
    Master Life Coach

    Why Fit In when you were born to stand out

  • Coach Deborah Cripps United Kingdom $29 - $1999 USD Contact me

    Deborah Cripps

    Free Call!
    Life Coaching Diploma

    I am an expert in change and weight management coaching. I help people transform their lives

  • Coach Sandy Becker Coaching hours icon 3534 hrs United States $60 - $300 USD Contact me

    Sandy Becker

    Free Call!

    Health, Wellness, ADHD and Weight Management Practitioner

  • Coach Latasha Oliver Coaching hours icon 342 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $175 - $2100 USD Contact me

    Latasha Oliver

    Free Call!
    B.Msc., RMT

    I help you Boost Mental Well-Being & Overcome Chronic Illnesses Naturally

  • Coach Xavier Coach X Smith Coaching hours icon 258 hrs United States $65 - $5000 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Xavier Coach X Smith

    Free Call!
    Certified Strategic Interventionist

    Providing practical strategies for your life and beyond through strategic intervention and coaching.

  • Coach Amber "Go Kaleo" Rogers Coaching hours icon 239 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $10 - $399 USD Contact me

    Amber "Go Kaleo" Rogers

    Free Call!
    Go Kaleo, CHC, CPT, CMT, CHE

    Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with expertise in Body Image and Behavior Change.

  • Coach Coach Esi . Coaching hours icon 121 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $125 - $300 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Coach Esi .

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach

    Esi Colbert , Certified Life Coach and Author. Helping people focus, plan, and achieve their goals.

  • Coach Courtney Dukes Coaching hours icon 69 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $100 - $1900 USD Contact me

    Courtney Dukes

    Free Call!
    Bachelors Exercise Sports Science


  • Coach Mary L Caines Coaching hours icon 39 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED Saint Kitts and Nevis $50 - $150 USD Contact me

    Mary L Caines

    Free Call!
    Certified Coach Practitioner

    Doing something you view as impossible, accomplishing it, the only words that come are AHA I did it.

  • Coach Maxine Karen Winter Coaching hours icon 20 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United Kingdom £50 - £850 GBP Contact me

    Maxine Karen Winter

    Free Call!
    Life Coach & Holistic Therapist

    Certified Life Coach and Holistic Therapist,helping you achieve your inner balance and life goals.

  • Coach helen nachintu Coaching hours icon 18 hrs United Kingdom £130 - £7000 GBP Contact me 5 Star

    helen nachintu

    Free Call!
    Holistic Health and Wellbeing

    Holistic Health and Wellbeing practitioner based in the UK. I remove subconscious limiting beleifs

  • Coach Mishell Elliston Coaching hours icon 15 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $50 - $400 USD Contact me

    Mishell Elliston

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach, C.Y.T. C.P.T

    Masters in Life Coach, Wellness Coach and Health Coach

  • Coach Trici Noel Coleman Coaching hours icon 14 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $55 - $788 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Trici Noel Coleman

    Free Call!
    ACC in Life and Health Coaching

    I empower and equip single women, especially single mothers methods to shift limiting beliefs

  • Coach Janet McKeehan-Medina Coaching hours icon 12 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $50 - $340 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Janet McKeehan-Medina

    Free Call!
    MA,MFT,Certified Professional Coach

    Trained psychotherapist that brings a variety of modalities into mindful eating and getting healthy.

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