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5 Principles for a Positive Life by Coach Robert

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Think positive things and you will have positive results

Renew your life

  1. Renew your mind. Positive thoughts equal Positive outcomes. The change has to begin within you and everything else will follow.
  2. Change your life diet. This refers to people, place and things in your life. This requires you to change the things in your life that brought negative results to you. If there a person in your life (i.e. friend, sibling, parent, boyfriend, or girlfriend) that is causing more harm than good to your situation then separate yourself from them until you have gained control or defeated your situation. Negative people equals negative results.
  3. Find your purpose in life. We were all blessed with a gift; something we are great at. If that’s singing, poetry, building or designing things, then do it. It will bring you comfort and ease and bring a positive result in your life. Remember this, you are important so think it, know it, and feel it.
  4. Set goals (Short & long term). This can be discouraging but you have to have something to put your focus toward and something to give you motivation to gain victory of your situation. Three things will help you is TRUST, FAITH, BELIEVE.  Trust in yourself, believe in yourself, and have faith in your higher power.
  5. Stay in the battle and fight. There will be times or obstacles that will set you back or try to bring you down. Stand, fight, and stay on course. DO NOT GIVE UP! Find a positive person you can call for encouragement or motivation. When you feel like giving up, just look back at how far you have come.

Change your mindset

The battle of what you may be dealing with starts in your mind. If you want to change your life or the way you are living focus on changing your mind. Stop thinking things like...

  • I’m an addict
  • I'm hurt and broken
  • I’m a failure
  • I'm a bad parent
  • I'm broke
  • I'm homeless

You are not those things. Start saying...

  • I'm not going to be controlled by this addiction and I can shake this habit. 
  • I failed in my life, but today is a new day and I refuse to keep failing. 
  • I’m important and even though I have been hurt in my life, I will be loved and I will be able to love again. 
  • My kids love me, I will be a good parent, and I will be able to give my kids the love they deserve. 
  • I will find a job and my dollar will stretch so I will not have to live paycheck to paycheck.  
  • I will have a place to call home and it will be mine. 

This process is called “Renewing your Mind.” Think positive things and you will have positive results.

Change your diet

The second part of changing your life and the way you are living is what I call “Change your Diet.” I’m not talking about how or what you eat. I’m talking about the people around you, the places you go. 

I like this saying: If you want to see how your future will be, look at the people around you.

I look at people that are wealthy and they surround themselves with other wealthy people.  If I tell my mind I’m changing and still surround myself with people that are doing the things I’m trying change, then I am only fooling myself. When you start winning the battle in your mind, you will see how the changes in your life start to unfold.

Be courageous

Definition of FEAR: be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.

Definition of Courageous: not deterred by danger or pain; brave.

So many of us want to change, but live in fear. Fear of what people think, feel, or say. Those same people that we are concerned about are the ones that are talking about you while you are in your battle. Fear of being uncomfortable because we know change will be out of our comfort zone. 

Courage is the first step in the changing process. Have the courage to change for yourself and do not fear what others think. A life coach can help you take this first step.

  • Staying committed is a very important key in overcoming your circumstances. A life coach can help you stay committed and achieve this goal.
  • Living a positive life with a positive attitude is also key to overcome your circumstances. A life coach can help you maintain a positive attitude. 
  • Commitment means practicing these steps every day no matter what challenges you may face each day. A life coach can help you make these commitments to yourself.

It takes time and effort to make these changes, to make good choices and have a good attitude.

Strive for a positive outcome

Your mindset determines the outcome of your battle or situation. Gain a POSITIVE MINDSET in order to have POSITIVE THOUGHTS, which will result in a POSITIVE OUTCOME.

Start right now in changing the way you are thinking. A life coach can help you improve your mind-set and practice the power of positive thinking.

Attitude is also important when you are in the midst of your battle or situation. You must have a positive attitude, a can-do attitude. A life coach can show you how to make this possible. People also affect your attitude, so keep yourself around positive people. Renew your mind, change your attitude, and change your life.


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