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Be a Better Communicator at Work

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You may be surprised to learn that people are actually much happier with you when you are able to communicate your needs.

Good communication can help you get ahead at work. A good communicator gets along better with coworkers and supervisors. If you work with clients or customers, good communication will help you build rapport and increase sales and customer satisfaction. Being able to effectively communicate will help you know how and when to ask for a raise or a promotion.  Being a skilled communicator can also help you land a job in the first place.

Knowing that communication is important to professional success is an important first step in becoming a better communicator. There are many things you can do to make you a better communicator. This article offers a few quick hints and tips to improve your communications skills and help you express yourself better at work.


Communication isn’t just about talking. Communication goes both ways, and in order for your message to get across, you have to know what the other party is saying.

When you are being addressed by a colleague, your boss, a client or anyone else in professional capacity, listen to what they have to say. Don’t interrupt. Don’t finish their sentences. Don’t fill in the blanks. Just listen to what they have to say; don’t just hear them.



Don’t just ask questions for the sake of asking questions. Ask follow-up questions that help you understand what you are being told more fully and completely. If you are unclear about something, continue to ask pointed questions until you have achieved comprehension.


You don’t need to be abrupt, but you need to let your intentions be clear when you speak. Let those you are talking with know what you want. Don’t talk around things. If you want a raise, say you want a raise. If you want a promotion, say so.

You should also be clear with your actual speech. Annunciate when you speak and do not mumble. If you have a heavy accent and others have difficulty understanding you, you might want to seek out a tutor to help you speak in such a way that you are easily understood.


Don’t say anything that could offend. You don’t want to be offensive anywhere, but an off-color comment in the office could very well cost you your job. Avoid saying anything controversial or uncomplimentary. If you say something offensive, even if you don’t get in trouble at work, you will end up communicating less effectively because those you offend will be less likely to want to listen to you.

Remember manners as well. Use “please” and “thank you.” Apologize if you accidently interrupt someone. Be as cordial as possible.


These are just a few ways for you to be a better communicator at work. These tips won’t make you a flawless communicator, but they will definitely help you to be understood and well received. Hopefully by following these guidelines you will start to see results soon. When you listen to others, ask questions and be clear and considerate, you will get your point across better and help you to be held in higher regards by those you work for and work with.

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