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How to Rouse Creativity

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Sometimes it helps to realize that you can find inspiration in the small things.

Creativity comes easily to some folks, but it isn’t so easy for most. Even the most creative people have trouble occasionally rousing their creativity.

If you are engaged in the arts, you might need to be creative more often. Regular folks might need to be creative on fewer occasions; they might be called on to write something for work or assist in designing an invitation for a special even.

Regardless of why you need to be creative, there are a few ways that you can help yourself to be more creative. By doing these things regularly like a regular exercise, you can help yourself to be more creative all the time. If you need to get out of a slump or rouse your creativity for a particular exercise or activity, you could do these as a warm up before you get started with your activity.


Check out the products of others’ creativity. Read poetry, look at paintings or sculpture, see a play or listen to some music. Don’t just casually look, read or listen, but pay close attention to it and examine it. Look at the structure and seek out surprises.

If you generally don’t occupy your time doing “creative” things, you might want to seek out arts most similar to what you are supposed to be working on. If you are supposed to be crafting a newsletter for work, consider reading some creative essays. If you are supposed to be helping to design wedding invitations, search out others creative design work.

If you normally are a creative person, you might want to seek out something different from what you normally do. If you are a painter facing a block, maybe you should think about reading some poetry. If you are a musician having trouble finishing a piece of music, you might benefit greatly be strolling through a sculpture garden. Doing this might jog something completely new and exciting for you and could jolt you out of your rut.



Do some yoga, go for a run, meditate or just sit quietly. Calm your mind and be more receptive to all new ideas, including creative ideas. Often, modern life keeps us from being able to focus. Sometimes you just need to take the time to stop thinking and worrying about everything else in your life and just focus on the task at hand, creative or otherwise. If you slow down the rush, you should be able to focus on your creative endeavors.


This doesn’t mean that you should have only bad ideas, but you should stop fearing bad ideas. Sometimes people get so worried about having bad ideas, they end up having no ideas at all. Don’t fear bad ideas because sometimes these had ideas end up creating great results.

Consider brain storming or mind mapping, and let yourself acknowledge every idea you come up with, good or bad. You can’t really know that an idea is indeed a bad idea until after you try it.


Strong emotions have been known to inspire art. If you are passionate about what you are working on, you will care about it more and will feel stronger about seeing it out. If you end up in an emotional state, seize on it and go forward with whatever you are working on.

You can work yourself up into an emotional tizzy if need be. Watch sad films, horror movies or hysterical comedies. Think about deceased relatives or flip through your wedding album. Chat up a stranger and bring up things that get you all sorts of worked up. Do whatever it takes to get you in a more emotional state of mind.


There are all sorts of way to either rouse your creativity or to foster it further. This article only outlined a few ideas for developing your creativity over a period of time or for an important assignment or project.

When you need to try to be more creative, try one or more of these tips, and research other ways to grow creativity and try those out as well. Figure out what works for you, as what helps you to be more creative won’t work for everyone. With any luck, your attempts at developing your creativity will help you to be in a more creative state of mind and with time, you won’t need to do any sort of activity to be in a creative frame of mind.

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  • Maya C.
    May 02, 2013

    I love the tip EXPOSE YOURSELF TO ART. I think that this is so true- especially when it comes to people in my line of work. I'm a graphic artist and work a lot on ad campaigns. When I'm stumped or hit a brick wall at work, I just scroll through artsy sites. I also love reading jokes. I think doing mundane, yet creative things will jolt your brain into thinking on the same wavelength and be inspired to be creative!


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