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Coach David J. Wingfield

Make your Words More Powerful Through Positive Gestures

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Most of the time we remain at best semi-conscious of our own body language and the signals it sends out to others. The result is that we are unaware of the subliminal messages we send out, that often contradict the message we are attempting to convey in words.

There is nothing worse than trying to engage someone verbally whilst your body language indicates that you are bored or disinterested! You can make your verbal communication more powerful by being consciously aware of your own posture and tone whilst speaking, and by reinforcing what you say with positive gestures.

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  • Tabitha Michel
    April 14, 2013

    When speaking to someone, body language such as crossing your arms, tapping your feet and eyes that flit around the room without focusing on the person whom you're speaking to are big NO-NO's! Not only does it show the person you're not interested in what they are saying, you are also being rude! When meeting someone for the first time, I like to practice smiling, nodding (to show you understand and are interested) and open up the conversation with a firm handshake.

  • Ronald
    June 12, 2013

    People tend to underestimate the power of body language! This applies to everything-- from social situations like a date or a party, to more professional settings like a job interview or business meeting. This tip is very right in stating that we should reinforce what we say with positive gestures! It will make it easier to get your point across!

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