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How to Meditate

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How to meditate.

For someone who has never tried meditation before, it might seem as if it is something difficult to accomplish. More and more there are people interested in finding non-medical methods for dealing with the stresses of the world, and many of them have started to look to meditation as their outlet.

Meditating can be a great way for relaxation and self discovery. Mastering the technique can relieve you from a stressed and overwhelmed state of mind. Obtaining everyday peace is something everyone wants nowadays, and meditation is certainly one way you can accomplish this.


Meditation can have a different meaning for different people as there are several different reasons for practicing it. However, simply put, meditation is a way in which you clear your mind of all the clutter the day fills it up with and you get in tune with your inner self.

Meditation can take place just about anywhere as long as you make the time to devote to it. It can involve a series of breathing techniques, stretching, praying, and more. However, the main objective is to bring about the feeling of peace and tranquility to all those who practice it.



  1. Find a peaceful spot: Peace and quiet are key to properly meditating. So the first thing you want to find is a place where you can go that is very quiet. Finding an environment that has an inviting sense of relaxation is important to get all the benefits of meditation. Without a secluded place where you won’t be distracted, it will be much more difficult to feel at peace. If finding a quiet place in your home seems to be difficult, try selecting a quiet time in which you can go into a room in your home and not be disturbed. Quiet time could be classified as a time when most of your family members are out of the house or a time in which you let your family know you will be meditating and cannot be disturbed. You can also create a meditation spot in your home and add items that help you feel relaxed.
  2. Relaxation: The next thing is relaxation. If you’re all stressed out in the moment you might find this more difficult to do, however, having a completely relaxed body is the only way you can feel inner peace throughout. For beginners, try relaxing one part of your body at the time until you’re completely relaxed. Try starting with your feet and working your way up your body. If you find this to be difficult, you should understand that this may be an acquired practice that will take some time to get used to. You should not be discouraged but persist daily in relaxing your entire body.
  3. Be in the moment: Once your body is relaxed, the next step is to become completely in the moment. You can do this by simply closing your eyes and concentrating on your breath. As you breathe in and out make sure that your breaths are slow and long as this will help you to become more relaxed. By focusing on your breathing, you are consciously getting your mind off of whatever has stressed you out. The idea is to completely clear your mind of any thoughts, and just be. When you find the thoughts returning, just return your concentration to the breath.
  4. Try guided meditations: Try using guided meditations. These can really help you meditate as a beginner. There will be a voice that will gently guide you through a meditation. This can help a lot in the beginning. Many people even stick to guided meditations because they can be so helpful and relaxing.

Again, it is important that as a beginner in meditation that you don’t get easily discouraged. Sometimes it may appear that the meditating techniques are not working, however, it is a skill that takes practice. Once you get the hang of it, and continue practicing each and every day for a set amount of time (ten minutes at minimum), you will begin to notice the happier, healthier you.

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