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The ABC's of Resilience

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If you're tired of climbing only to slide back down again, learn the ABCs of resilience.

Everybody feels overwhelmed now and again. Sometimes, situations in life can drag us down. At these times it's imperative we develop higher level skills in resilience.

According to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) Theory, there is a prevalent misunderstanding about resilience. Resiliency is commonly known as the ability to "bounce back." Such a simple definition does the concept injustice however, because it fails to recognize a central element of resilience, namely, that it involves pain or a struggle as a result of what is known as the ABC's.

  • Activating event
  • Beliefs
  • Consequences of the interaction between A+B

It is once the ABC's are fully understood that strategies can be used to overcome the struggle and to prevent and overcome future struggles, leading to increased well-being.

Strategies may include limiting belief examination, ego-identity integration, and the eight C's: courage, coping, contemplation, consideration and cultivation then implementation commitment, control and challenge.

If you feel your life is a struggle or certain aspects of your life have been like climbing uphill and you are tired of climbing only to slide back down again, enlist the assistance of a Life Coach today. It is as simple as ABC!

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