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8 Examples of Self Awareness: A Guide to Nurturing Intimacy in Relationships

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When you understand yourself, you're able to navigate through life with purpose and authenticity, and that attracts genuine connections in relationships. Jay Shetty Coaching QuoteIt’s impossible to live authentically without first discovering who you are. Self-awareness is crucial! Here are easy ways to move toward self-awareness that will help you find out for yourself.

What is self-awareness? The dictionary defines self-awareness as “knowledge and awareness of your personality or character.” When you’re self-aware, you have an accurate and clear understanding of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs. You know what makes you tick. Self-awareness also includes an understanding of how others perceive you.

Lacking self-awareness can lead to a very confusing and frustrating life!

The Importance of Self Awareness in relationships

Your level of self-awareness can influence your relationships and happiness. Let's explore how.

  1. Self-awareness is necessary for taking control of your life. Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and reactions determine your life’s direction. Self-awareness is the principal way of understanding and influencing these things.
    • Self-awareness highlights faulty beliefs and emotional reactions that stand in your way and gives you the power to adjust.
  2. Self-awareness illuminates the real reasons for past failures and challenges.

We often dismiss our failures as bad luck or a lack of proper timing. But it’s also possible we failed to perceive the situation, others, or ourselves accurately. Seeing the reason behind relationships, work, and other struggles is much easier when we can see ourselves.

  • Do you consistently struggle at work or in your relationships? What can you do better
  • Self-awareness is the foundation for personal progress. With it, individual development efforts will be protected.
  1. Self-awareness is the cornerstone of success and self-improvement. Without self-awareness, the knowledge you possess can’t be applied effectively. Understanding your beliefs, habits, strengths, and weaknesses is necessary to make a personal change. Accepting others for who they are and appreciating yourself for who you are. An example is when you disagree with someone who upsets you.

    You can hold on to the rage, shift your mindset, and think, "What can I learn from this?" Especially if it's the person, you may care about. Is there a way we can resolve the situation and reconnect?"

The importance of self-awareness in relationships


Examples of self awareness in relationships

Here are eight examples of using self awareness to nourish your relationships.

1. Having Goals While Letting Go of The Attachment to the Outcomes

Happiness and contentment are accepting what the result may be. The easier way of becoming disappointed is having goals and becoming too attached. It is okay to have intentions and allow the outcomes will be exactly what they should be.

2. Living in The Moment

You can miss out on worrying about the future and holding on to the past events we cannot change. Being present is an understanding that relationships occur in the here and now. Having a connection happens only in the present. You have to be conscious to know what state you are in.

3. Striving to Be Authentic; Be Fully Honest With Yourself and Others, Aligning Your Words, Values, and Actions.

That is an excellent definition of integrity. This is vital in creating relationships with others. Being unconscious is feeling the need to put on an act to impress others. If we show up honest and assertive, this is being conscious and aware. We do not look to others for consistent approval if we love ourselves and accept who we are.

Woman giving heart to partner

4. Striving to Take Risks to Overcome Fears and Stretch Your Comfort Level to Reach Your Goals.

It's part of our human nature to stay with what feels comfortable to us. Stepping out of our norm requires effort, and it can feel scary. However, how can we grow and learn more about ourselves if we do not take risks? We will always run into blocks and feel afraid, and family and friends may disagree with us. You must step out of your comfort zone and take risks when you meet your life partner.

5. Abundance and Opportunities will Appear for You.

It's easy to assume that you are too old or fill in the blank to make a negative comment about yourself. The scarcity mindset is a prison and can show up as a relationship failure because we choose to settle for less. And it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy because you expect less; that is what you get. However, the law of attraction will open the door of abundance and several opportunities.

6. Taking Responsibility for Your Outcomes by Taking the Initiative in Your Life and Relationships.

We are all responsible adults, and it is clear that our outcomes are based on our creation. By not being conscious, we do not take accountability for our actions. It is easy to have come to the victim of our circumstances. Taking responsibility is knowing what you want and how to get it.

7. How Others Judge You is Only About Them; Striving to Let Go of What Others Think and Not Take It Personally.

In understanding relationships, we all know others have their baggage. In most cases, they will project their stuff on you. The projection occurs when we assign our thoughts and feelings to others. Understanding this phenomenon will be easier to allow our differences and remember that the human experience is individual.

Focus on Connection and Not Trying to Try and Get Results in Dating and Relationships.

8. A Partner is Someone to Love and Not an Object or a Goal.

It presumes that there is an understanding that one wants to create a life and relationship that fits "our" vision. However, it is not about winning a prize or achieving a goal. It means connecting to another human being and having that real fulfilling relationship means having a deep connection. If you are not conscious, it is easy to focus solely on yourself. True magic is present in the connection.

8 Examples of self-awareness in relationships

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    September 20, 2023

    Self-awareness enables you to reflect on your own actions and decide how to approach a situation differently in order to reach a better result. Finally, as you become more self-conscious, you become more aware of the thoughts and feelings of others.


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