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Authentic Happiness Coaching: 5 Easy Ways to be Happier

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Allowing Yourself Do Things Enjoy Become Happier Nicer Person Around

Easy Ways to Be Happier

We all want to be happy, but it can be pretty complicated at times. Here is a list of things that you should be able to easily do that can improve your mood:

  1. Journal about things you are grateful for. Rather than just making a list, take the time to write down why each thing that you’re grateful for is truly a blessing. For example, if you’re grateful for your family, list all of the things you’re thankful for with them. Instead of “I’m thankful for my mom” write “I’m thankful for the great advice that my mom gives me whenever I need it.”  And don’t be afraid to write down even the little things that you’re grateful for. Such as, “I’m grateful for how delicious sushi is and that I get to have it once a week.”

  2. Exercise for 15 minutes in a way that you enjoy. Exercise is great for mental health as long as you don’t push yourself into doing exercise that’s too strenuous.  Even taking a 15 minute walk can calm you down and be quite relaxing. If you’re getting joy out of it try increasing the length of the workout a little bit each day.  Try your best not to think of it as something you have to do to lose weight but something you get to do to make you happier.

  3. Be a little selfish. It’s important to do things to help others, but sometimes you need to take some time for yourself to just relax. It’s not a terrible thing for you to want some “me time.” By allowing yourself to do the things you enjoy, you will become happier and likely a nicer person to be around. That’s definitely not a crime.

  4.  Help someone else. Once you feel ok, it can make you feel even better by making someone smile. Increasing his, her, or their happiness will increase yours too.  It could be as simple as holding the door open for a stranger or telling your friends how much you appreciate them. It could also be bigger things like doing volunteer work too.

  5. Find a way to laugh. Laughter is truly the best medicine. Whether it’s watching a funny show, reading a funny cartoon, or laughing at yourself, laughter will do wonders for you and your overall health.  And if you can laugh at yourself, it will make you more of a fun person to be around and will thus improve your social life too.

What accountability? Find a happiness coach to help you follow through on these actions.

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