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How to Choose A Coach: A Quick Guide

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When people get to the point they realize they need a coach, the task of finding one isn't always easy. This can make you want to give up and say never mind.

If you needed a doctor, you'd seek out the one that makes sense for you and that's exactly what needs to be done when selecting a coach. If you don't use some type of care in selection, it could turn you off from coaching with anyone in the future and be a waste of your money.

We don't want that to happen to you. Coaches are very compassionate and caring about your needs, but you must select one that has the expertise for the areas you're looking for.  Here are a couple of things to consider when selecting a coach.

  1. Price matters - A low price doesn't always mean you're getting a deal with a coach, nor does it mean that the coach doesn't know what they're doing because they offer lower prices. It pays to know what the average rate is for coaches within the niche area you need one.
  2. Experience matters - Some coaches have recent certifications but bring a host of other experience to the table and can help you find solutions right away. Some coaches are more experienced and have a unique ability to drill down deeply to see what's blocking you from developing or reaching your goals. When participating in an initial consultation (usually free) have your questions ready in advance to see which one of these make sense for you. Know what your need is. If you're ready but just need a little help VS if you are seriously stuck and need someone who can really get down to business and help you figure things out — this distinction will be key.
  3. Time matters - Many people work full times jobs and can't coach during the day.  Make sure to ask right away how flexible the hours are that a coach offers. There are a lot of coaches who have early morning, evening and weekend hours to accomodate their client base. This relieves stress so you don't feel rushed trying to fit it into your regular work day.
  4. Technology matters - A lot of coaching is done by telephone or skype.  Some coaches record calls to play back to themselves later so they can continue on with your plan. Asl plenty of questions on how this works and what you need.
  5. No shows, no go's - Find out if there is a cancellation fee if you don't cancel within a certain period of time. This is important to know as a gauge of committment to both of you. For coaches, there's nothing worse than sitting there waiting to have a session and the client is a no show. This appointment could have been taken by someone else and we want to be fair but ask fairness in return. Some coaches take it on the chin and others have a missed appointment policy.
  6. Belief systems matter - If you are trained properly as a coach, you know your personal beliefs have nothing to do with your client's beliefs. There are some programs that are religion-based and though I totally agree there is nothing wrong with them and applaud ALL coaching efforts, if this matters to you then include this when looking for a coach that makes sense for your needs.

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