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What is a Health coach?

A health coach is a type of life coach who will help you reach your health, fitness and wellness goals. Health coaching is becoming increasingly popular as people realize it takes more than a yearly physical at the doctor to stay on top of their health goals.

What does a Health coach do?

A health coach is a lot like a personal trainer at the gym. Except instead of only being on your side about a specific workout in your health club, a health coach is by your side for all the decisions affecting your health. Whatever your goals may be, they help you track them and stay accountable to them, over multiple areas of your life including nutrition, weight loss, illness, maintaining your youth and vitality, and truly thriving!

Do I need a Health coach?

If you struggle with issues such as weight loss, chronic health conditions, loss of vigour and energy, or the effects of stress, then a health coach would probably be a great choice for you. Take a look at the coaches below to find one who meets your own personal criteria, then book a free call or make contact.


Health coaches

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  • Coach Tawana Watson United States $1 - $500 USD Contact me

    Tawana Watson

    Free Call!
    Peer Support Specialist

    equipped to help you manage life as you recover from a mental illness or addiction

  • Coach Jennifer Heard Canada $30 - $120 CAD Contact me

    Jennifer Heard

    Free Call!
    PhD. Integrative Health Specialist

    Transforming lives through integrative wellness, mindful nutrition, and personalized coaching.

  • Coach Samantha Kelley, M.A. United States   Contact me

    Samantha Kelley, M.A.

    Free Call!
    Health | Life | Soul Purpose Coach

    I help burned-out and in-transition women discover their passions, desires, and unique soul purpose.

  • Coach Iris Bumgardner United States $75 - $125 USD Contact me

    Iris Bumgardner

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach

    Iris Is a Certified Life Coach, who specializes in Family and Health coaching.

  • Coach Peggy Margaret Santos Molina Qatar $30 - $100 USD Contact me

    Peggy Margaret Santos Molina

    Free Call!
    BSc Psyche, Certified Life Coach

    Holistic (mental, relationships, nutrition, spirituality) Coach

  • Coach Peter Moore United Kingdom $15 - $120 USD Contact me

    Peter Moore

    Free Call!
    Life Coach

    Be who you want to be, Be who you can be...

  • Coach Andreea C Croitoriu United Kingdom £50 - £1500 GBP Contact me

    Andreea C Croitoriu

    Free Call!

    I am supporting you to achieve goals, overcome barriers, stay focused and committed. Check my shop!

  • Coach Mona Weaver United States $20 - $30 USD Contact me

    Mona Weaver

    Free Call!

    I can help you with your goals.

  • Coach Brayden Romeo United States $90 - $147 USD Contact me

    Brayden Romeo

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach

    I am a certified health and life coach through the Health Coach Institute.

  • Coach Elena Aliona Shumskaya United States $59 - $129 USD Contact me

    Elena Aliona Shumskaya

    Free Call!
    Robbins-Madanes Life Coach Training

    Stuck? Need clarity? To move forward? Let's get you un-stuck. It could be easier then you think.

  • Coach Jacob Jilek Czech Republic $30 - $60 USD Contact me

    Jacob Jilek

    Free Call!
    MSc, coach and psychotherapist

    I'm a coach trained in solutions-focus method undergoing certified 5-year psychotherapy training

  • Coach Jeffery Mack United States $50 - $750 USD Contact me

    Jeffery Mack

    Free Call!
    Life Experience, Athletic Coaching

    Masters Sprinter, Olympic Trails, Fitness Motivational Coaching.        

  • Coach Vicky Herkelian Armenia $60 - $450 USD Contact me

    Vicky Herkelian

    Free Call!
    RTT hypnotherapist, life coach

    I work with my clients to find the root cause of the problem and then motivate them to change

  • Coach Nichole Windsor Canada $100 - $1200 USD Contact me

    Nichole Windsor

    Free Call!
    Health, Fitness, Confidence Coach

    Nichole enjoys helping each and every one of her clients achieve their optimum health.

  • Coach Jennifer Smith United States $87 - $473 USD Contact me

    Jennifer Smith

    Free Call!

    Holistic Nutrition and Biblical Health Coaching

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