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What is a Transition coach?

It all comes down to adaptability, really. Because whether you like it or not, change is something you’ll encounter. A transition coach is someone who provides guidance and support. Including necessary tools to help you navigate life’s difficulties. They’ll help you overcome challenges you’ll encounter. And achieve your goals, you will, despite those. A professional can help you make the most of your transition. Thus ensuring both personal and professional growth.

What does a Transition coach do?

When the going gets tough… Get rougher. Become tougher. Because as that age-old adage goes, "the tough get going."

Changes are to be expected. Most of the time, though, they come barreling at us full force without so much of a warning. No matter how unnerving and off-putting they may be, these life discontinuities remain present.

They force out coping skills. And to cope is to adapt. It involves letting go of old beliefs, relationships, or values and taking hold of new ones (Brammer, 1992). To master challenging times is a significant life skill we all could benefit from (tremendously).

But you'll likely feel apprehensive before you can begin to conquer massive life changes. Overwhelming feelings and helplessness might rule your mind. These will only be intensified when the change is something involuntary.

Maybe you got fired from your job, or your business went under. Despite the reason or cause, the transition that will follow needs to be voluntary on your part.

It's a matter of taking that one step, regardless of how scary it is. That single step forward can propel you to turn your fear into renewal.

A transition coach can help you with this in the following ways:

Offering Tools and Resources

A task appears daunting when you don't know which way to go or how to proceed. It's not that you're incapable. Because believe me, you are. It's more that you lack the necessary resources to take action.

A transition coach is equipped with creative methods and techniques to support your transition. Coaching sessions won't be limited to asking questions and answering them. Your coach can also employ the use of visualization or imagery. Through these techniques, you'll be able to rehearse and visualize your desired outcome mentally.

Another technique will be journalling. This encourages reflection and introspection. You can explore not only your thoughts but your emotions as well. A journal can be a great way to gain clarity, identify patterns, and track your progress.

Other tools are affirmations, positive self-talk, time management, and many more.

Developing Action Plans

After setting SMART goals, you'll need to develop actionable plans in order to achieve them.

While the sky's the limit when it comes to your heart's desires, your goal can cause overwhelm when looking at it as a whole. Dream big, they say. However, life doesn't offer a disclaimer regarding how much effort it'll take to achieve.

Some people credit their success to personal capabilities and failures to a lack of effort. These people are more likely the ones who willingly undertake challenging tasks. In essence, they, too, are those that persist in the face of failure (Bandura, 1988). As such, they believe that outcomes are influenceable by the amount of effort they expend.

Contrarily, there are those who exhibit the opposite mindset. The same ones that give up readily when they encounter obstacles.

A transition coach can assist you in breaking down your goals. Together, you can turn them into smaller and manageable steps. This way, you're less likely to feel disheartened on the journey.

Not only that, but your coach can also aid you in shifting your perspective. Thus, pushing you to persist through any obstacles or changes.

Providing Feedback and Guidance

It's easy to become short-sighted when we only have ourselves to rely on. Personally, you can't be your own second opinion. You can't see situations from different angles other than your own. Which, let’s admit it, is likely to be biased or limited.        

That's not the case, though, with a transition coach. Not only will they offer you guidance through your transition, but they'll also provide feedback. There's no sugarcoating how well or not you're doing. You can expect honesty and objective observations.

You'll learn to acquire insights to help you gain new perspectives. This will help you make informed decisions no matter what challenges arise.

Furthermore, it can be reassuring to have someone cheer you on your journey when motivation is hard to come by. While a transition coach can readily offer extrinsic motivation, finding it intrinsically will still result in better outcomes.

This is due to the fact that this kind of motivation is drawn from personal enjoyment, interest, or pleasure (Lai, 2011). Basically, everything you deem worthy and love.

Do I need a Transition coach?

Certain individuals discover their life's purpose at an early stage. In contrast, others may uncover a new sense of mission later in life. There are even cases where people may possess a purpose that is not immediately apparent or recognizable.

As you head towards yours, purpose simultaneously shapes the path you follow and the way you'll follow it (Hill & Pfund, 2018). Sometimes it will require taking a leap of faith.

Are you strong enough to leave what you know, your comfort zone, and what's easy all for something unfamiliar?

Changing Careers — Exploring Possibilities

What you wanted years ago may not be the same thing you want today. And that's more than okay. You're allowed to change your mind (and heart).

When your chosen path is no longer serving you or aligned with what you deem valuable, would you really stick it out until you resent yourself?

If you're starting to want more value from your current career, it's probably high time to think about starting anew. Wanting meaning or impact is not a bad thing. What is? It’s deciding to settle for something that doesn't align with your personal values.

You'll need a transition coach to help you think outside of the box. The unknown may be so fearsome, but it won't be so daunting with the help of a professional.

Personal Growth and Development

The period of transition is also a time for self-reflection. With self reflection, you'll gain awareness of your passions and areas for growth.

With the guidance of a transition coach, you'll immerse yourself in reflective exercises and thoughtful questioning. They will help you gain a more profound understanding of yourself. From there, you'll be able to make conscious choices that align with your authentic self.

If you intentionally avoided your thoughts and emotions in the past, a transition coach will convince you to consciously dwell on them. This practice can help you make sense of your behaviors. What works and no longer doesn't. The trait that you brand as your weakness can be the very thing that'll help you through your transition.


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    Are you standing at a crossroads? With life coaching you can discover what you want from life.

  • Coach Denise Myers United States $150 - $2000 USD Contact me

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    I coach Woman in Business Leadership, career transitions. I have 27 yr of leadership experience.

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    I coach anyone who is interested in forging forward with clarity, balance and determination!

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How can a Transition coach help me?

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles Darwin Coaching Quote

It’s a Russian roulette when it comes to transitions. You never know what you’ll draw today. Will it be excitement for something new? Is it fear or anxiety for the uncertainty? Or will today be filled with challenges that will lead to growth?

What to expect when you don’t know what to expect?

I’ll say this. Transitions bring forth both opportunities for your personal growth and the need to adapt to new circumstances. It is very likely for you to undergo shifts in your routines, roles, and even in identity.

Navigating through and out of it is a challenge in and of itself. It may involve the help of a transition coach.

Transition Plan

As professionals in their field, your coach can help you develop a transition plan specific to your needs and circumstances.

During the initial planning, you and your coach will identify your long-term goals. You’ll also glean into your skills and interests to better understand what actions will bring you closer to your goal.

Employment Support

Typically, the transitions that clients are experiencing are about matters of employment. Having a transition coach will help you achieve the career path that you want for yourself. Your coach will help you find the best career that fits your skills, knowledge, and interests.

Moreover, a transition coach can also offer you support when it comes to your career development and finding employment.

How can a transition coach help me?


Five great reasons to hire a Transition coach

There will always come a time when you know that something is finally coming to an end. May that be in your job, relationship, or some other life phase. Transitions will be present across your personal and professional life.

Expect that when an end happens, a transition is just right around the corner. This may come from within. A result of burnout or exhaustion, maybe even boredom or depression. External forces like layoffs, a divorce, or other life factors can also fuel your transition.

When you look at your upcoming transition from one view, it may seem like a negative thing. After all, it won’t be a walk in the park. But as Harvard business review puts it, transitions are a prequel to re-creation. The seemingly worrisome endings are the best building blocks to your good beginnings.

So to help you through your transition as smoothly as possible, we suggest hiring a transition coach. For the following reasons:

1.   Overcoming (and Recovering) from Obstacles

You won’t be able to predict every obstacle that may happen during your transition. Most of the time you’ll be blindsided. These hindrances will come at you in full force.

No taking you into consideration. No mercy.

With a transition coach, though, you’ll be able to identify and overcome obstacles. They will guide you in developing strategies and action plans. Plans that are specifically tailored to your situation.

You’re more likely to move past challenges with alternative approaches and fresh perspectives. A transition coach can help you adopt creative problem-solving techniques. Using these, you'll know how to navigate through the change more effectively.

2.   Clarity through Goal-Setting

At the end of the day, it’s really just all about clarity. When you know your goals and values wholeheartedly, success awaits after every transition you'll face.

A transition coach can assist you in identifying what you want to achieve. They’ll help you make informed decisions by understanding your aspirations and motivations.

Goal-setting is vital as it sets the tone for you. Not having a clear goal won’t make your transition easy. Once you set a SMART goal, you can funnel your focus and efforts into what you want to achieve.

3.   Support and Accountability

It’s a reassuring thought that someone is with you through some of the toughest times of your life. Going at it alone can be severely overwhelming.

A transition coach can serve as your support partner. Someone who readily offers encouragement, guidance, and validation. You don’t have to be hesitant in opening up because of the safe and non-judgmental space your coach will provide.

Additionally, a transition coach can hold you accountable. This way, ensuring that you’ll take action and stay committed to your goals. Staying on track and making progress won’t be as difficult as it seems.

4.   Maximizing Your Opportunities

Just to reiterate, It’s a fact that when something ends, another begins. Looking at transitions this way is an excellent mindset to have. Opportunities concerning both personal and professional growth will present themselves to you.

Together with a transition coach, you’ll not only recognize when these opportunities arise. But you'll be able to seize them. Your transition coach can help you leverage your strengths. You can even explore new possibilities, and expand your network.

Maximizing opportunities involves segregating those that may appear worthwhile but truly aren’t. Still, it’s also important to note that you shouldn’t be afraid to consider alternative paths or lifestyle choices. The gist: a transition coach can help you choose wisely when there are several “opportunities” to choose from.

5.   Building Confidence and Resilience

Change can be scary. It can cause self-doubt and shatter your confidence.

But with a transition coach’s expertise, you can begin to recognize your strengths. You’ll also be able to develop new skills and overcome any and all limiting beliefs you have. All those negative thought patterns that you’ve been harnessing are holding you back. Trust that it’s about time to exchange them for growth and a positive mindset.

You’ll develop resilience. And keep in mind how much resilience is an excellent indicator of happiness, relationships, work success, and health (Reivich & Shatté, 2002).

5 Great reasons to hire a transition coach

What is the difference between a transitional life coach, a life transition coach and a transition coach?

They all have one keyword: transition. And yet, despite their interchangeable use, these three roles are different from each other.

A transitional life coach supports their clients during some of the major life transitions they’ll embark on. This professional assists individuals in clarifying their goals, developing strategies to thrive, and managing their emotions during the whole transition process.

When it comes to life transition coaches, they focus on various transitions such as personal development, lifestyle adjustments, or career changes. Life transition coaches help clients to adapt to new circumstances.

Lastly, the term transition coach is a much broader and more general description of the three. It can encompass both transitional life coaches and life transition coaches. These coaches typically address a wider range of transitions. People who are facing life changes such as relocation, retirement, relationship transitions, and others can come to a transition coach for help.

Disclaimer though. Remember that these terms are used loosely and not universally defined. Their functions may vary. And a lot of coaches may have their own specific interpretations.

You must be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi Coaching Quote

Questions a transitional life coach might ask you

Life is brimming with questions. And as it happens, transitional coaching is too. You’ll be aware of the questions that you don’t personally ask yourself. Therefore, you’ll see more possibilities and courses of action for you to take.

Some of the questions your transitional coach will ask you includes the following:

  • How do you usually handle change?
  • What coping mechanisms or strategies work well and don’t?
  • What is prompting this kind of transition in your life?
  • What are the factors that are making you consider such a transition?
  • What are your fears about this transition?
  • What obstacles do you think you’ll encounter?
  • How do you plan on addressing the difficulties of this transition?
  • What are your experiences, skills, and strengths that can help you during the transition?
  • What current values do you want to uphold during the transition?
  • What are the things and steps you’ve already taken in preparation for your transition?
  • What support system do you have in place to assist you in this transition?
  • How can we work together to expand your resources to accommodate you in your journey better?
  • How committed are you to this transition?
  • How do you think the transition will benefit you personally?
  • Who will be most affected when you make the transition?
  • What do you hope to achieve after the transition?
  • What are the possible alternatives that you can do to avoid the transition?
  • How do you think this change will impact you and those closest to you?
  • How will you prepare for this kind of transition?
  • What can you control about the situation you’re in?
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