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Eliminate Your Energy Drainers

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Pinpoint the hidden energy zappers in your life.

What's Draining your energy?

We’ve all had those moments from time to time when we feel like our energy is completely zapped but can’t really put our finger on what is wrong. That’s never a feeling that we should ignore. We need to take time to become aware of what, why, and maybe even who.

An energy zapper is anything that lowers your energy in the moment or even over time. It is not uncommon to become so accustomed to living that way that you are not even conscious of the effect it has on you.

  • Ever made a commitment that you are not really “committed” to? From the heart, that is.
  • The phone ever ring and you feel like all the energy you had previously was “zapped” because you know how the conversation on the line will go? Before you even begin the conversation you are already spent.
  • Have you ever looked at the stack of papers on your desk and felt completely overwhelmed by the thought of what’s inside?
  • Ever feel exhausted after having been with a particular person?

A big one is suppressing or even denying that you feel a certain way. Believe me, your soul knows the truth. Is it the burden of a dream unfulfilled or one you haven’t even taken a stab at? Tell the truth. Maybe it’s that unfinished business that you thought you could ignore. Still there right? That to do-list that never gets any shorter, only longer as the week progresses. Yup, there it is!


Why we need to zap our Energy Drainers

When you are able to eliminate what drains you, you are emotionally and physically freed up and able to actually focus on what fuels you. Also, by shifting that focus you can begin to attract better things into your life.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you handle the things that cause you to feel anxiety. You will likely feel more productive and present.

I encourage you to take a really good look at your environment, your relationships and anything of that “unfinished business” and ask yourself “What have I really done to resolve this? How is it affecting me? and What can I do to eliminate it?

This type of mental clutter only becomes a distraction and helps us lose focus. So why not clear your mind and lift your mood. After all, how has avoiding it served you?

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