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How to Follow Through On Your Commitment

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Are there aspects of your life that you don't like? What about your body? Your career? Are things you'd like to change in your relationships? There’s a simple solution that you just might be overlooking.

Change them.

Yes. Change the things you don't like. Is that too simplistic? Possibly. But then again, maybe not. We all get caught up in times of self-doubt. That’s normal and there's actually nothing wrong with that. It’s when that self-doubt lingers inside your head that it becomes a problem. You end up dead.

Well, dead in your tracks, at least. Dead on the inside – you may go through the motions, but you're little more than a zombie. Your brain is a miraculous tool… if you use it properly.

But, if you use it incorrectly by spending too much time there – strategizing, planning, thinking of all the terrible things that could go wrong, etc, you’ll end up completely paralysed and will fail to take any action toward what you want in life.

Acting instead of overthinking

Instead of thinking too much about it, you have to act. Using the decision you’ve made, or would like to make, take action.

Find whatever step you can take that will ultimately move you forward. No matter how small, what’s one small decision you could make right now, even whilst reading this article? Make sure that it’s a step that will take you toward the direction in which you want to travel.

Further, what’s a BIG decision you can make that will launch you significantly forward, regardless of how tough the decision is to make?


You must act even before you commit!

Many people make decisions that, deep down inside, they know they are not fully committed to. If you find yourself doing that, here’s the reason for your lack of follow-through: you haven’t committed to your decision because you’ve failed to act on it.

More than likely, you assumed, like many people, that before you could take the action, you needed to first make a strong commitment to your decision. It simply isn’t true. In order to be completely committed to your decision and to demonstrate (if only to yourself) that you are going to follow through, you must ACT. You’ll probably have to drive yourself to take that first step; it’s typically the most difficult one.

What if you fail to take action?

What if you fail to take action? It means that your dreams die before ever being realized. When you make a decision to reach for your dreams, you establish your commitment when you take the first step right then and there.

But don’t wait. If you hesitate, you’ll end up repeating patterns of self-sabotage with which you're likely very familiar. At home, you may become distracted by the 1001 things that you believe need your attention now (many of which are insignificant and don’t really contribute to your fulfillment or success), and you'll remain exactly where you already were. You may begin to doubt yourself (again) and wonder why you can't stay committed to your decisions to fulfill your dreams.

Here's how to start today: Modeling

Today, however, you can make a different choice for yourself that, in turn, affects everyone around you. You can make your success and fulfillment all but imminent.

  1. Start by locating somebody who has already accomplished that to which you aspire. Perhaps they became the leading sales person for their team. Maybe they have a truly loving, supportive, passionate relationship with their spouse. Maybe they've performed their music in front of thousands. Regardless of what you decide to pursue, choose to follow someone who inspires you. This is called modeling.
  2. If you can replicate their attitude, behavior, the steps they implemented and the timing of those steps, you’ll accomplish what they did – often in a shorter timespan as you’ll have the added benefit of learning from their mistakes.
    • Establish the steps they took and perform the same steps. You’ll reach your goal in the quickest, most effective manner possible.
    • Figure out what kind of decision they committed to and took action toward.
    • What did they force themselves to do that brought them closer to their dreams?
  3. Figure it out, then do the same thing.

Need a little visual? Shawn K. Carpenter shows you exactly how to begin taking massive action toward your dreams. Contact me today for free training, tips, and videos to help you create transformation in your business and life today.

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  • chris t.
    September 25, 2014

    I'm a bit overthinker, so this is a good wakeup call. I definitely like the idea of modelling. I think that's what we're meant to do--I see little kids do it all the time, so why do we stop as grown ups (or at least why don't we pick better models).

  • Coach Shawn K. Carpenter
    Shawn K. Carpenter
    October 18, 2014

    Absolutely, Chris. It is the most effective and efficient way to improve at something... and then the next step would be to make it completely your life? Do you find yourself overthinking in certain areas as opposed to others? I know a lot of people do, and for many it can keep them from acting on opportunities, making important decisions, etc. That certainly used to be me in certain instances - one of the reasons I can now coach people on it ;-)


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