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Coach Janilyn Mahoney

Learning to be a Leader that Others Will Want to Follow

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Point your team in the right direction through leadership.

Have you ever dreamed of being the kind of person that does great things and people want to be around them just to be inspired? 

If you think back to the important people in your life whether at work, in school, or maybe just in your family life, you will find there were those that you really just enjoyed being around and wanted to be like them.  Maybe it was their creativity, or their friendliness.  Whatever it was it drew you to them and made you feel like a better person.

A leadership coach can help you identify and implement these attributes into your own character.  The following tips will help you to become the leader that other will want to follow.


Setting an example is as important to those you work with as it is to a child.  If they hear you say one thing and then do another they are not going to be sure about following you. Don’t allow yourself to become insincere in your behavior.  Let your behavior show that you are worth following.



Take time to get to know the person you are working with.  Find out what’s important to them personally.  The more you know about them and the more they feel like you are really concerned about them as a person first, the more they will be willing to try and meet your expectations.


Gratitude goes a long way to helping someone feel good about what they are doing.  Notice the little things.  If you have a team member that pushes in all the chairs before they leave tell them thank you and let them know that you notice.  This will encourage them when it is time to do the big things.  They know you will notice and that it will be appreciated. They will know that you value their contribution, whether big or small.


Don’t build a barrier around yourself that makes those around you feel like you are unapproachable.  When you let them see you as a person, not just their leader, you are building a trust.  When they see that you have made mistakes and learned from them, then you are giving them an opportunity to learn from your mistakes so that they hopefully won’t make them for themselves.


Communication is more than just the words that you say, or don’t, it’s the tone of your voice.  Many times a person will get much more out of your tone of voice or non-verbal communication than they will out of the actual words that you are saying.  Caution must be used in all communication so that you will be able to solve the problems rather than just create bigger ones.


If those around you see that you are reading and learning new things or taking classes to improve your skills, they are going to have a desire to do the same.  The higher you raise the bar and your expectations for yourself, the more they will be motivated to improve.

That is your goal to motivate and inspire those you lead. Working with your leadership coach you will learn the skills necessary to be a hero to those you lead.

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  • Edward harris
    April 15, 2013

    Thank you Janilyn. You certainly know what you're talking about! I've been a manager for several years now and try my level best to practice exactly what you've written. Based on all the points you listed, I think the most valuable one has to be 'honestly care about those around you'. Doesn't mean you work for a 'heartless' corporation you have to behave like one. There is nothing wrong with getting to know the people you work with, on a deeper and more meaningful level than just employer-employee. Find out our team's likes and dislikes, the names of their kids, the problems they are encountering etc. It humanizes not just you, but them as well.

  • Maya C.
    May 02, 2013

    I think that being a great leaders means you have to be able to communicate effectively. Honestly, unless you are absolutely brilliant, people will find it hard to follow in the footsteps of someone who isn't charming and who can't express him/herself well.


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