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How to Market your Life Coaching Business with the Help of Webinars: 9 Tips

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Before Hosting Your Webinar

Updated Dec 1, 2022

Using Webinars for your Life Coaching Business

Webinars help you shift your focus from promoting your business to helping your clients solve their problems.

Webinars are one of the best tools for business owners to market and sell their business services without having to make sales calls. Webinars help you shift your focus from promoting your business to helping your clients solve their problems.

When hosting a webinar, attendees can help you learn more about yourself and your expertise without having to commit. Most sales strategies take more than seven steps before closing the sale. On the other hand, webinars allow you to reach a lot of people thus saving you time, money, and energy that goes along with making calls and setting appointments.

A research study was conducted last year to find out whether advisors and coaches used webinars to promote their businesses. The findings were astonishing because none of the participants had ever hosted webinars before. Yet, more than 50 percent were speaking regularly. 

A life coaching webinar is a tool that allows you to interact with your clients from the comfort of your home or office.

The main reason why most coaches and advisors don’t do webinars is that they think a life coaching webinar is not the ideal tool for their business. The truth is, webinars play a critical role in building your coaching business They are simple and affordable. They are a mainstream marketing tool because a lot of people have embraced them.

Hosting webinar

A study conducted by WebinarJam found out that businesses that use webinars regularly are generating at least half of their total revenue from them. And this kind of revenue is right for most businesses. Today we are going to share with you 9 practical tips that will help you host a successful webinar. Let’s get started!

1.    Choose a reputable platform

The first and most important thing is choosing a reliable webinar platform. Reputable and reliable webinar platforms make it easy for potential clients to register because they usually support multiple registration ways. For instance, some people might watch your life coaching webinar using their smartphones while others might want to watch from their computers.

Some webinar platforms are full of annoying adverts that can drive your clients away. Others might have a limited number of attendees. And this can also drive away potential clients. You should look at the features of the webinar platform to know what works for you.

2.   Choose the right time

You can always experiment on different days and times to see what works for you. Comparing the attendance rates will help you make informed decisions.

To promote your coaching business, you have to host your life coaching webinar at a time that allows for the highest number of attendees. The best time to host entirely depends on your target market.

A study conducted by WhatCounts found out that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days for businesses to host webinars because Mondays and Fridays are usually filled with catch-up and eleventh-hour tasks.

Best days to host webinar

Google Analytics can help you determine the day and time with the highest traffic in your region to boost your sales and revenues. For instance, if your business is based in the UK, the last thing you’d want to do is host your life coaching webinar in the middle of the night.

You can always experiment on different days and times to see what works for you. Comparing the attendance rates will help you make informed decisions.

3.    Invest in the right equipment

The equipment you choose greatly determines your success or failure. Instead of using built-in microphones on your desktop or laptop, consider using a headset microphone to ensure that your attendees can hear you clearly.

It’s also important to have spare batteries and a backup computer for your equipment in case technical faults arise. You should also print a few extra copies of your slides in case you encounter a glitch. Investing in the right equipment will enhance the quality of your webinar and ensure that your attendees enjoy the experience.

Marketing is about values. It's a complicated and noisy world, and we're not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us. Steve Jobs Coaching Quote

4.    Promote your life coaching webinar

Use social media platforms to promote your webinar by creating a memorable hashtag that will encourage people to sign up and participate online.

To get more attendees, you need to start marketing your event as early as you can. Begin by creating a captivating landing page that introduces the topic of your webinar, speakers, hosting date and time, and a call-to-action for people who sign up.

You can also use social media platforms to promote your webinar by creating a memorable hashtag that will encourage people to sign up and participate online. You should consider posting a short video to give your attendees a glimpse of what they should expect in the webinar.

Publishing a blog post that previews the topic of your webinar is important. Finally, sending email reminders before and on the day of the webinar will enable you to capture a larger market.

5.  Choose an interesting topic

Choosing a topic that does not excite your audience will make it extremely difficult for you to encourage them to stay, let alone attend in the first place.

When choosing a topic, you need to focus on a specific idea that resonates with your audience. If you have a broad idea, narrow it down, and focus on one section in great detail. A webinar that focuses on one detail is more useful than a broad one that focuses on nothing.

What a webinar must have

Whether you are educating your attendees about the products or services that you offer or the trends in the market, you need to provide valuable content, communicate your message clearly, and share a few actionable tips.

You need to add some photos to make your presentation appealing. Using high-quality images will help in keeping your audience alert and interested during the presentation.

6.  Keep your audience engaged

Even if you’ll spend a lot of time on your script, you shouldn’t forget to engage with your attendees during your life coaching webinar. Asking your attendees questions will help you get valuable feedback. It’s important to leave a few minutes at the end of the session to answer their questions. Some platforms have a polling feature that you can incorporate into your webinar.

Content is king but engagement is queen, and the lady rules the house! Mari Smith Coaching Quote

7.   Practice makes perfect

Practice your webinar several times before going live to ensure that everything goes as planned. Rehearse your presentation a few days before the event to ensure that your equipment is operating properly. Clean your computer to optimize its performance.

Preparing and practicing as early as you can help you avoid issues that could harm your business in the long run.

8.  Follow up

After hosting the webinar, you should follow up with the attendees by thanking them for attending and asking them to provide feedback. You can also send a recording to people who registered but didn’t attend. Offering webinar highlights will encourage people to attend in the future.

9.  Measure your results

After hosting your life coaching webinar, you need to evaluate your performance. Use the platform’s metrics to analyze the number of people who registered and those who attended. You can share your results with other coaches to find out which areas you need to improve. For greater success, incorporate your findings with audience feedback.

Tips for a successful webinar


Before hosting your life coaching webinar, you need to research extensively your target market. Understanding the problems your target market is facing will help you solve and connect with them. Working with other successful coaches will greatly improve your performance.


  1. How do I promote myself as a coach?

Promoting yourself as a coach is less of a hassle these days - thanks to the power of the internet and social media. 

Here are 5 ways to market yourself as a coach.

  • Be yourself. Embrace your skills, experiences, and values as part of yourself. Share them with your prospects. You’ll be surprised how personal stories, experiences, and values can draw connections with your prospects.

  • Build your network. Remember the know, like, and trust factor clients ask themselves before they hire you? With an established network, meeting these factors will be a breeze. Focus on developing relationships with your prospects. Present yourself as someone credible that they can easily connect with.

  • Establish your value. The key to engaging your target clients is by knowing their pain points and offering a service that solves these struggles. Be specific in identifying your target clients and the unique value you propose. Articulate your services as if you’re speaking directly with them. 

  • Showcase your uniqueness. Being a part of an industry with more than 71,000 coaches worldwide, how do you stand out? This brings us back to #3 - having a unique value proposition (UVP) to attract your dream clients. Also, ensure that you use clear messaging to get your UVP across to your prospects.

  • Use various marketing strategies. As a startup, it’s normal to test and see the results of the different marketing strategies for your coaching business. Testing also involves being where your prospects are. Let them recognize and remember your brand and offer. Once you find the strategy that works best for you, focus on this to effectively reach out to your prospects.

  1. How do you pitch a coaching business?

Having a solid elevator pitch ready at all times allows you to promote your coaching company effectively wherever you are. Watch out for networking events, seminars, or workshops, and even those coffee catch up with your peers.

So, how do you craft a two-minute winning elevator pitch? Try these 3 tricks!

  • Be specific in communicating your coaching niche and your unique value proposition. Craft a summary of who you help and what you offer. Give your prospects a quick picture of what it’s like to get your service. Avoid using jargon and keep it simple.

  • Focus on your client’s pain points and uniquely offer what you can do to help. Emphasize the value of coaching, which uses probing questions for your client to arrive at a workable solution.

  • Get real about your services. Pick real-life scenarios of your past clients (just no name- dropping please!) whom you’ve helped. Encourage them to visit you or your page if they want to learn more and connect with you.

  1. What should a life coach post on social media?

Marketing your business without social media is like coming to work and leaving your mobile phone at home. Several companies harness the power of social media as it is a solid way to attract and engage your prospects no matter the size or type of business.

Since social media is a diverse platform, it pays to know where to find your target clients. Where do they often hang out? Once you’ve figured out the right platform, it’s time to engage the right prospects!

Check out our article about the Ultimate Coach Social Media Strategy Guide. Here, you’ll know what to post and the best times for posting (scoop: it all depends on what platform you use). 


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