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Marketing for Life Coaches: 20 Unique Tips for Your Marketing Strategy


marketing for life coaches

You have years of experience. Life coaching comes easily and almost naturally to you. Enough to make you think of turning it into a business. Okay, yes, maybe it’s also because of the fact that coaching is on the rise these days. 

So you create a life coaching business plan, figure out your niche, complete your SWOT and financials, work on adopting successful business habits, and come up with a killer business name.

Now what?

In a world where something only seems to matter (and exist) if it is out there or known by many, properly marketing yourself is the great determiner if your business will succeed. Basically, it comes down to your popularity among the masses.

How do you do that then? Why, with a life coaching marketing strategy, of course. 

And coming up with an effective one won’t be much of a problem for you, especially when it involves you personally, right? Strategies are your bread and butter, after all. It’s what you want to monetize. You see an obstacle, set a goal, and devise a strategy to overcome it. 

But a little help here and there won’t hurt a life coach like yourself. Consider this article as a nudge in the right direction when it comes to having a practical life coaching marketing strategy. 

The Truth About Life Coach Marketing

What makes up a business?


It is crucial to pump up your marketing as a life coach to help you get clients. But despite being a fast-growing industry, life coaching is still more difficult to market than some tangible products (McNamara 2007). People don’t get to touch what you’re selling. With that comes a Pandora's box filled with risks, doubts, and wariness. 

Your potential clients only have your word, and with how scam-y the world has become, flowery words and empty promises can turn even the wisest of humans into fools. As such, trust plays a significant factor in your life coaching marketing strategy. Given that, you can expect it will take time to build your brand, set a reputation, and reel in clients. 

Once established, though, you might even gain a cult-like following. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? You do have a business to run and a marketing strategy to execute before that might happen. 

Build the brand that will make people talk… just make sure that when they do talk, it will only be of good things about your life coaching business. 

Marketing Ideas to Try Out

There are agencies you can check to source out the marketing aspect of your business. This way, you can focus more on the coaching side of things, which means less stress and workload for you. Unfortunately, this can also mean more expenses, which will be burdensome if you’re still just starting out. 

What do you say to a few maneuvers to distance yourself from spending more when you have nothing much yet? Here are some ideas you can action in your marketing strategy:

1. Hand Out a Business Card 

Who you know and the right people that can vouch for you can make you a somebody in the life coaching industry. 

person is handing out a business card, life coaching marketing planI know, I know. It’s old school to hand out business cards these days. Almost anything is done electronically, that distributing something physical is practically unheard of now. 

But having a business card during social functions and networking events can prove handy. People will find you memorable. You get to be remembered as “that person who gave me a business card.” The first impression lasts, right? Might as well make yours something that would make people call you for coaching. 

And while we're on the topic of networking, I should tell you that it is also an excellent opportunity to know more about your target leads and learn about competitors. Those word-of-mouth recommendations can bring in as much as 90% of new business for you. Being well-connected, competition-wise, can give you an edge over the other life coaches out there.

Remember how these types of coaching businesses pop out rapidly these days? Who you know and the right people that can vouch for you can make you a somebody in the life coaching industry. 

2. Design a Website

person building a website on a computer, life coaching marketing planI’d like to think of a website as the online version of a business card. It is the more detailed one because potential clients get to know your services thoroughly. A website provides more information (if not all the details) on what packages you offer. 

People also get to see testimonials from previous clients. These can prove helpful in inspiring trust because they are attestation of what you can do. 

With your website, you also get to offer free guides and other materials that can convert site visits into leads. A blog section can even be added where you share insights and tips regarding life coaching. 

Again, let me just point out that we are living in a time when your online presence makes all the difference. Not many businesses can survive without a website. Better work on yours now. Life Coach Hub can help you with an easy to use, out of the box website designed specifically for coaches.

3. Write a Book

The only difference between coaching a client and writing a book is the hard copy of everything you said afterward.  

person is writing a book, life coaching marketing plan

There’s a simple way of letting your clients know you are an authority in life coaching. Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s by writing a book. 

But why write a book? 

  • It’s another source of income for one. 

  • With a book, you can cement your credibility and raise your profile. 

  • It is also a great way to acquire speaking gigs and consulting contracts. 

Before you argue that you have never authored any book ever, I’ll go right ahead and remind you that you’re one capable wordsmith. The only difference between coaching a client and writing a book is the hard copy of everything you said afterward.  

Besides, guides and materials are available on the internet to help you get started with your first book. Learn more about how a book can help you with your marketing as a coach.

4. List Yourself in Coaching Directories

It won’t take much convincing on your part to get a client because they are already on the hunt for a life coach. They are a “hot lead” as it’s called. 

Another sure-fire way to amplify your presence, get more clients and solidify your life coaching marketing is by getting listed in life coaching directories like Life Coach Hub.

A lot of potential clients are out there, and let me tell you, they are interested in your services. They are looking for a life coach who is a perfect match for them. This could be you, but you’re not putting yourself out there more, or you lack the funds to advertise yourself, which I can’t say I blame you. Using online ads can be exorbitant. 

But on the bright side, clients actually use coaching directories. They are the modern equivalent of a phonebook, after all. These directories provide information about life coaches such as yourself. They enable people to find your business, so you don’t have to do all the hunting. 

And! It won’t take much convincing on your part to get a client because they are already on the hunt for a life coach. They are a “hot lead” as it’s called. 

But then again, there’s still the issue of competing with other coaches. It is often a good idea to upgrade to a featured listing so you stand out.

Even if you are featured, the knowledge that there are those who are more experienced than you can cloud your judgment into lowering your fees just so clients will favor you more. BUT, remember that you’re selling yourself in this industry. It should go without saying never to sell yourself short, and price your services with what you’re worth. 

But it is also good to remember to include a RANGE of fees (starting at the lowest) so that anyone doing a search for coaches at the lower end will still see your profile. How can you do this and still keep your offer at the price point you want? 

Easy. Start to create multiple offers that scoop people in at the top of the funnel. Digital products, group coaching, membership sites. All of these can be lead magnets to allow your potential clients to learn about you, fall in love with you, and THEN purchase your top tier one-on-one coaching offers.

When creating your directory listing, you can also outshine the other coaches with a life coaching bio that attracts more clients. Not sure how to write your bio? Check out some of these bio examples to help you stand out. Thank us later ?

5. Create Your Social Media Presence

logos of social media platforms floating around a laptop, life coaching marketing planSocial media has moved from being a mere platform for sharing how good your life is into an entire marketplace for selling any product or service. 

Almost everyone has social media accounts. Forgoing marketing your life coaching business in those apps would be a massive missed opportunity. It would only be wise to get on this bandwagon since it’s something you will benefit from (quite a lot).

Social media also enables you to keep in touch with your clients regularly, even as often as on a daily basis. People can get the latest updates about your business in real-time. Queries are answered instantly, and any concerns are dealt with without much of a hassle from both ends. 

All you really have to do to maintain your social media presence is to be consistent with your content posting. With many tools at your disposal, you can make creative and witty posts that your followers will love. Doing so will increase engagement, web traffic for your site and even improve your SEO (Rugova & Prenaj, 2016). 

Check out some inspirational coaches on Instagram and YouTube to get an idea of how to gain a viral following.

6. Host Workshops and Seminars

Connecting with your audience through workshops can also help in building trust. They get to see you and observe you.

person is giving a seminar in front of many people, life coaching marketing planNot only is hosting workshops and seminars an effective method of getting word of your life coaching business out there, but it can also help you improve your verbal skills and learn more about your audience. Furthermore, these events can help you market new services if your business has any.

Other benefits include:

  • You get to showcase your workplace. Hosting seminars at your business’s location can encourage potential clients to avail of your services. So, make sure to create a space that will instill calm, comfort, and, most of all, trust. 

  • These seminars double as networking functions where you get to interact with your audience at a more personal level. Face-to-face communication is still better for building relationships than via a screen. 

  • Connecting with your audience through workshops can also help in building trust. They get to see you and observe you. Gaining their trust will come more easily if they are allowed to interact with you firsthand. 

7. Give Free Consultations

consultation between two people, life coaching marketing planEverybody loves free things! Convince other people to hire you as their life coach by offering a free consultation first. This initial talk can serve as a teaser to what awaits them once they take you up on your complete service. 

Offering free consultations eliminates the risk for clients because they get to know you and your approach without spending. As a life coach, this is your opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. It can also be helpful in convincing the client that you are worth every penny you charge (maybe more). 

You also get to determine if a client is a fit for you or not. Yes, this goes both ways. You need to be comfortable with someone if you want to be able to help them properly. It will be easy to gauge whether someone is client material through a consultation. 

8. Send Email Newsletters

You just have to know how to create a noteworthy newsletter instead of one that people will mark as junk mail. 

newsletter shown in monitor, life coaching marketing planThis digital form of communication is typically used for announcements, updates, and anything new in a business. Aside from those uses, newsletters also convert some customers into subscriptions or other paid services you’re offering.

Before they became overflowing nuisances in people’s inboxes, newsletters were once a novelty. They are still a potent part of your life coaching marketing plan, all things considered. You just have to know how to create a noteworthy newsletter instead of one that people will mark as junk mail. 

Your newsletter should:

  • Have a captivating subject line because this is the very first thing your leads will see. Some people decide whether to use your services or report you for spam based on this alone. It’s also good practice to personalize your newsletter by using a client’s name and naming your service. 

  • Be sent during optimal times. You can’t just email your leads whenever. You have to know the best times and days. The first three days of the week garner the most engagement between 9 AM to 3 PM. Remember that timing is crucial.

  • Contain read-worthy content. Place the most important and interesting topic right at the top of the newsletter (Prakken, 2006). Use words that your readers are familiar with. Ensure that your sentences are not to long to avoid losing your reader’s attention.

  • Use eye-catching designs. The template of your choosing should be in line with your brand. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can also just create a design from scratch to truly capture your life coaching brand. 

  • Include a call to action link. This function is what really gets a conversion. You can add CTAs to your blog section, website or services.

  • Contain sign-up forms. How else do you think you get subscribers? Make sure to position your sign-up forms where your leads can instantly see them. You can place them in all your blog articles as a start. 

This is just a start! Check out our complete guide to email marketing tips for life coaches.

9. Engage in Guest Blogging

Another SEO trick up my sleeve that I believe you should incorporate in your life coach marketing plan is guest blogging. Through guest blogs, or just by simply leaving a comment on someone else’s blog, you get to promote your own in a creative (and very much free) way. 

Also, don’t forget to include a link to your business’s website. Doing so can get you those extra visitors and potential clients. 

Not to mention, there’s the benefit of connecting with other life coaches and learning about their own methodologies. With their consent, you could incorporate their methods  in yours to ensure better results for your clients. Maybe even gain another friend in the process. 

And oh, the increase in your Google Page Rank when you get a backlink from well-known sites is right up this alley. For this trick, you can start by using keywords such as “guest post,” “submit a guest post,” and “accepting guest posts” in your Google searches. Or, you can search for the sites where prolific life coaching guest bloggers submit their posts. 

10. Join Groups for Life Coaches

Your networking efforts shouldn't be limited to face-to-face social functions but should also extend to online platforms. For one, LinkedIn has countless groups designated for life coaches that you can participate in. 

Having an online community can provide you with a sense of belonging, of being understood. This way, you’ll know you aren’t alone when encountering a difficult client or dealing with coaching hurdles. You can even ask fellow life coaches for advice on how to work your way out of those situations. 

Being a life coach does not mean you have to work alone in your office. Becoming a part of a group with similar experiences can be a much-needed breather. Who knows, the key to staying inspired might just be within those groups. You get to have a support system consisting of life coaches from around the globe. 

11. Create a Business Profile

A Google Business Profile summarizes your business's key facts like your address, contact information, what your business is about, and other vital details that clients would want to know.

google page shown in iPad, life coaching marketing planA Google Business Profile, to be specific. Because the more extensive your digital footprint is, the better it will be for your life coaching business. 

Once you’ve got your socials and website up and running, it’s about time that you create a listing. Google’s free online listing will show your business info whenever someone searches for it on Google or Google Maps. 

A Google Business Profile summarizes your business's key facts like your address, contact information, what your business is about, and other vital details that clients would want to know. Keeping these things accurate and updated, therefore, should be something you constantly perform. 

As a bonus, creating this Google listing is actually a two-way mirror. If other people get to know your business, from contacting you to what others have said, you also get information (who clicked your URL or looked for your address) about those searching for you.  

12. Provide Value Add-ons

A few value additions you can consider are referral rewards and discounts for repeat clients. By providing these, you can increase customer satisfaction and set yourself apart from all the others in the life coaching business. 

Value add-ons can emphasize the services you offer that no other life coach does. But make sure that what you're about to give is something you can truly provide your clients. You wouldn’t want to promise them the world if it isn’t something in your power and abilities to offer. 

These freebies should be included in your life coaching marketing plan. 

13. Ask for Feedback

Feedback from your clients can help you gain insight into what areas need fine-tuning and what they want you to include in future sessions.

After getting that much-awaited roster of clients, you do know that it doesn’t stop there, right? Doing follow-up checks on how their first coaching session went is also another strategy that will serve you well. 

Feedback from your clients can help you gain insight into what areas need fine-tuning and what they want you to include in future sessions. Sending out follow-up forms can also let you know the effectiveness of your ad campaigns if you have any currently ongoing. 

Your questionnaire could include the following:

  • Where did the client hear about you?

  • Why did they choose you in particular?

  • Which other life coach/ life coaching business did they consider?

  • What part of the coaching session did they find unsatisfactory?

  • How about the best part?

  • Would they consider referring you to other people?

14. Interact or Partner with Other Life Coaches 

We’ve all heard (and enjoyed) the snide comments and shade thrown by the fast-food chain Wendy’s at some of its bashers and competitors. What started as a reply to a Twitter jab seemingly became one of the company’s social media marketing techniques. And we’re all eating it up (pun intended)!

Here are some of their witty and admittedly hilarious comebacks:

Twitter user to Wendy's: "If you reply I will buy the whole Wendy's menu right now" Wendy's reply: "Prove it," life coaching marketing plan

tweet of an image of a garbage, life coaching marketing planWendy's reply to the tweet: "Thanks for sharing your baby pictures", life coaching marketing plan Wendy's reply: "We tried to keep it friendly. But we aren't here to be trashed by someone.," life coaching marketing plan

Photos courtesy of boredpanda

Nobody can imply that Wendy’s menu is trash and get away with it unscathed ?

Wendy's to 7/11: "If you're looking for a burn, check out your hotdogs. #NationalRoastDay," life coaching marketing planPhoto courtesy of Today (Check out their article if you want to see more roasting!)

Ouch! Is that a first degree burn??

I’m not saying to go and pick Twitter fights with other life coaches. A “winner takes all” (clients) kind of situation. Nope! But it will be nice to interact with other people in the coaching industry and start important discussions (not fights). Because God knows, Twitter could use more of those.

Anyway! Being all buddy-buddy with other life coaches can help your online presence, especially if your fellow coaches are already established. You can redirect some of their traffic to your profile and website. 

Here’s another idea in line with what’s “in” nowadays: participate in TikTok trends — maybe even partner up with other life coaches while you’re at it. 

Whatever the niche might be, many businesses have gained fame through TikTok. It would be smart for you to study the trends and apply them to fit your brand better.

15. Run a Contest

Ensure you are giving away a fantastic prize. People won’t come clamoring to be part of your contest if the prize is not worth the effort.

Related to the previous strategy, you should also make use of current trends in social media platforms for running contests.

Contests are excellent for growing your reach, driving site traffic, and generating leads. If you’re focusing on the latter, adding a form on your landing page will do you good. Doing so will avoid confusion (dozens of links and instructions just to get to where the contest is) and make it easier for your audience to register.

In relation to this strategy, ensure you are giving away a fantastic prize. People won’t come clamoring to be part of your contest if the prize is not worth the effort.

Some contest ideas you can try out include:

  • Photo and video contests. You can ask people to share photos or videos on how life is going so far for them with life coaching in the equation, a bad situation that they managed to turn around, etc. The most creative one wins. 

  • Creative answer/ photo caption contests. Ask questions or post a picture on your social media; the one with the best answer or best-fitting caption will win.

  • Sweepstakes. This form of contest asks for the participants' email addresses during their entry. From there, you get to draw the winner (and generate more leads with all those email addresses). Prospects can also share the contest on their socials to invite others to join.

  • Essay contest. Ask your prospects and followers to share what they’re most passionate about in life. It can be a story of an experience they would like to share, possibly to inspire others. 

  • Like to win. Post something on your socials and get people to like it. Then, select a random winner based on the people who liked and shared your content.

  • Holiday contests. Everybody loves the holidays. So why not take that opportunity to join in on the festivities and make the holidays merrier with a holiday-themed contest (and prizes!). 

16. Create a Spotify or Apple Music Playlist

Give your prospects that extra boost of motivation by creating a playlist. You can include songs that are in tune with your brand, your values, and what you’re preaching during sessions.

A playlist is a creative way of getting your name out there. Make it public so that anyone can find it. You never know. Your selling point might just be your good taste in music.

In addition, you even get to connect and communicate more with your clients. It can even be collaborative. You can create a playlist for a specific client and let them add songs that resonate with what they’re going through.

Modern mixed tapes, as I see it.

17. Start a Podcast

(or guest in one)

Did I mention that there's lower competition in podcasting than any other social media platforms?

Since we’re already on the topic of playlists, we might as well follow it up with podcasts. Almost anything and everything has a podcast these days. Having one allows you to share your brand’s story with a worldwide audience. It can help you establish or solidify your authority in life coaching.

With consistent content, you can keep people connected with your business. You can also link your website to gain traffic and provide an email address enabling your audience to comment or interact with your posts. The latter can actually be good material for your next episode — answering queries and discussing life coaching.

Aside from starting one, you can guest post on popular podcasts or partner up with other life coaches. Creating content together with other experts can provide more educational material for your listeners.

And oh, did I mention that there's lower competition in podcasting than any other social media platforms? Including podcasting in your life coaching marketing plan not only benefits you as a business owner, but also provides value for your audience.

18. Launch a Clothing Line

Too much? Or is it just something you never thought you could do?

I know. Totally unrelated. But is it, though? ?

Fashion is the last thing you will think of when talking about life coaching (unless your passion and life’s mission is to be in the fashion industry). But I don’t see any rules stating that it is inaccessible for those outside that niche. Advertising your brand has never been as easy as a client walking down the streets and wearing your business as with a clothing line.

Furthermore, it isn’t just a marketing tool anymore. Not at all. It’s also an outlet for you to have fun and be creative.

How about designing motivational words and slogans, printing your brand’s values, and selling shirts?

19. Do an Actual Activity Together

After all those hours of coaching inside a closed space, a trip in the great outdoors can be a refreshing next session. 

Interactions don't necessarily have to be in the confines of Zoom or your coaching room. 

Mostly, this life coaching marketing plan is for your existing clients and for keeping them happy with your services. As I mentioned earlier, acquiring clients is not the end. Your marketing efforts continue after that.

So, how does yoga sound? Too predictable and overly done already? The point is you can plan whatever activity that you and your clients can participate in together.

After all those hours of coaching inside a closed space, a trip in the great outdoors can be a refreshing next session. Perhaps a camping trip infused with a group coaching session during? It will be awesome for your clients to hear other people's life stories and experiences. This can also be an excellent way to acquire a new perspective and see things from someone else's point of view.

20. Build Your Branding

“A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”

stick persons are putting together the letters of the word "brand," life coaching marketing planBalancing what resonates with your audience and what you want your life coaching business to be built around can prove quite tricky. You want to give the people what they want (and obviously need), but there’s also the thought of staying true to what makes you this fantastic and effective life coach. 

Is this too much to ask? Well, not per se, as long as you create an inspirational brand that screams authenticity — something that is laced with all of YOU and what you can do for your clients. It should be the brand that will make your audience want you to be their coach. 

Attach your own unique experiences to your brand. People have always admired those who have been through challenging circumstances and come out not unscathed but still very much alive. They want someone they can relate to, or simply see themselves in another person.  

Once you’ve set the tone and voice of your brand, see to it that those are evident in every nook and cranny of your business. From the marketing, coaching sessions or courses you offer, and the communication between you and your clients. Heck, even with the font of your site. 

Lastly, for this marketing tip, let me wrap up with a Jeff Bezos quote, “A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”

I guess you no longer have a choice but to build the brand that will make people talk… just make sure that when they do talk, it will only be of good things about your life coaching business. 

Now what?

 If you don't already have a full fledged Marketing plan, now's the time to create one. Use our outline and template with free PDF. You can plug these strategies right in there and get going!


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