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Look Like a Natural Leader

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Open the door to natural leadership.

Leadership ability is a much coveted trait. Even when considering staff for non-leadership positions, leadership continues to be a quality that hiring managers seek. This extends beyond the workplace, but there it is particularly helpful.

Learned leadership skills are impressive in themselves, but there is a certain prestige that goes along with appearing to be a “natural leader.” Natural leaders aren’t necessarily “natural” in their ability at all. They guide others in a way that is relaxed and effortless, which is most likely something they worked terribly hard at. Here are a few quick tips to help you start to develop your “natural” leadership abilities.


Pay attention to what your coworkers, employers, and subordinates say. The best leaders make strong, popular decisions because they take into account what others say. This feedback should help you to become more knowledgeable and more informed.

By listening you will also get to know more about people you interact with and find out about their interests and hobbies as well as the things they like and dislike. By tailoring future communications with them around these things you learn from listening, you will be able to better capture their attention.

People also like knowing that others listen to them. By listening to others, you will be better liked and your words will be better received.



Yield to those with more experience, a higher level of expertise, or greater rank. If someone is better suited to take the lead, let them. Natural leaders are always trying to learn and evolve, and it’s difficult to do so if you already think you know everything.

Don’t just take a backseat; stay involved so that you can learn as much as you can. By staying active and close to those in charge, you will gain a greater knowledge base and make yourself better suited to take the lead on more projects in the future.


There are few natural leaders, as many of the traits ascribed to these “natural leaders” are really practiced, learned skills. More goes into being a natural leader than being a good listener and knowing when to let someone else take the lead. These tips should help you get started with developing your leadership skills and abilities.

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