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How to Transform Anger Into Passion: Four Steps

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Express Anger

Transforming Anger into Passion

Before we move into explaining how anger can be transformed into passion, we need to understand the differences among... 

  • A core energy state
  • A mental state
  • Feelings
  • Emotions

They are all different and by creating clarity around them will help us later on. 

  • A core energy state is subject to the activity in our brain.
  • A mental state are all states from frustration to clarity.
  • Feelings are in fact emotions however to feel something is in fact an action that can only occur in the here and now.
  • Emotions are the physical manifestation of our thoughts.

When we talk about feeling angry, we talk about the core energy state - anger - which is different to feeling frustration. Frustration may also feel like anger but it’s a mental state, not a core energy state. 

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Anger, Joy and The R-System in our Brain

Anger and joy are the two core energy states that we start to experience as babies. A baby will be in the core energy state of anger when hungry and in joy when warm and asleep. This is regulated by the oldest part of our brain which is the R-System. This system controls the following:

  • Fight-flight-freeze responses
  • Temperature control
  • Territory defence
  • Hunger
  • Keeping/staying safe

OK, so far it is important to understand that the core energy state anger is as a result of the brain activity of the R-system, which means we have no control over it. It happens. We experience anger because it is designed to keep us safe. When anger is not channelled out in the most effective way, it can be seen as bad. 

Anger as a life force channeled into good

We are often domesticated by society and our parents to not get angry and we are told that anger is bad. However, in reality, it is a life force that can be put to good use. 

The vigilance centre in our brain controls our core energy state. This is not something we can turn off so our only alternative is to learn how to manage our core energy. 

Before we learn how to transform anger into passion, we need to also acknowledge that the conditions around us are what trigger our brain system and in tern we experience anger or joy or sadness. 

  • Anger is experienced when the R-System perceives the environment as not OK. There is a posing threat and so the neurones are sent down our nervous system and into the core energy state. 

  • Joy is the state we are in when our brain sees the conditions around us as OK. There is nothing to worry about, all is well, we are safe and sound so we are in the state of joy because our brain activity is not registering any threats. 

  • Sadness is the consequence of suppressed anger. Nothing more, nothing less. Long-time surpassed and unexpressed anger becomes sadness. This sadness can be diminished as soon as we understand that it’s only the consequence of suppressed anger. Due to conditions of our external environment, there are times when it triggers anger in us, and as we suppress it, it later becomes sadness. 

Four steps to transform our anger into passion

Now, let take a look at the four steps that we can all take to transform our anger into passion. We will take a look at all four of them at a glance first and then describe how each one can be applied to real life. 

  1. Become aware that anger is not bad, adopt a positive attitude towards it. 
  2. Find a creative purpose or a useful dong to put the anger energy in it. 
  3. Put the anger energy our into the purpose
  4. Repeat this process until it becomes a habit. 

  • Step one is easy. We are re-framing anger such that anger is no longer a bad thing. It is simply the brain activity. Anger as seen by society is not true. People who did not know how to express their anger, did bad things and so anger is seen as bad. In reality, if we know how to express our anger, it should not be seen as bad but as a raw life energy force that is available to us. This shift is a cognitive one however let’s think of times when we got angry. Real angry. My jaw starts to shake, my adrenaline rises, I feel alive and energies so much so that I don't know what to do so as to not explore. How is it for you? Please leave a comment. All of this raw core energy is exactly what we need to put it to good use, to creative purposes, to channel it into our passions and actions to wards our desires. 
  • Step 2 is to find a creative purpose. Let’s take a look at this in real life. For example, I want to become a dancer but I don't have the time or the contacts or I have no idea how to go about it, really. I get triggered at work because of someone’s stupidity and so I feel angry towards that person. He poses a threat to my intellect and my desire to become a dancer is also jeopardised. So, in that moment when I feel triggered, I re-frame the feeling-bad-about-feeling-angry and instead I exclaim great, energy is flowing through my system and I want to learn to become a dance, so I am going to ignore the person’s stupidity and type in Google, “how to become a dancer?” then I will stay focused on the articles, read the copy until I get it. Often times, something interesting will pop up and so I will make a note of it until next time when I can follow up. This is how I apply the core energy state anger into a creative purpose. How to find your life’s purpose is another topic for a separate coaching tip. 
  • Step 3 is to then act on the spot, to action act it out. So as I said, I am in the core energy state of anger and I know what my purpose is so I do a tiny bit more towards my purpose, in this case dancing. 
  • Step 4 is all about the creation of a new habit. Whenever I am triggered, I channel this energy into my desire to become a dancer and I do this often enough until it becomes a habit. This activity of repeating something until it becomes a habit is sometimes seen as ‘art’ which is cool right. 

Find a useful purpose to channel your anger into creativity

So to finish this coaching tip off, we all must become aware that anger is not bad and it is the result of a brain activity. Finding a useful purpose in which to express the anger is super important so stay tuned for my next coaching tip. 

Please leave your comments below, I would love to know what you think about transforming your anger into your passion using the four steps that I have provided you. 

With love and with light


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