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Your Tools to Create Change

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Change Starts With Your Awareness To Do So


Change starts with your awareness that you need to do so. Once you understand this, you will understand the primary principle: You are your own Guru. 

Each beautiful individual has their own personal support team. We have guides and Angels that work relentlessly to support our needs and purpose on this earthly planet.  When we understand and acknowledge their existence, in a way, we begin to build our communication muscles.

However, if you’re not comfortable with the idea of your team of guides or angels, use whatever term IS comfortable for them. You might like to refer to it as any of the following...

  • Higher Being.
  • The Universe.
  • Energy Source.
  • Collective Consciousness. 

You can choose your partnership.

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The life of your dreams

It is time for you to build your mental muscles to support yourself in making a change and having experiences and gifts. You cannot do this alone. Your ego alone cannot create the life of your dreams. You may think you can, and you can try, but we are all human.

If you wish for a fruitful deeply satisfying soulful existence, be prepared for magic and wonderment. Building these muscles now will serve you for the rest of your lives. You will not regret doing the work needed to reap what you sow in time. A farmer cannot wish his crop into harvest. He must dig, sow, plant, tend and water, along with parts patience. So you too must do this work. No quick fixing friend.

Transforming your thoughts

This is an excerpt from "Transform Your Thoughts | Transform Your Life eBook" where you will find Activity TWO - Inner Child Communication | Inner Dialogue:

Step 1: Take pen and paper.
With your dominant writing hand, write down questions about yourself. These questions can be like any of the following:

  • How am I feeling today?
  • Why don’t I feel like exercising?
  • Why did I eat that whole chocolate cake?

Step 2: Take the pen in your non dominant hand, and allow whatever answer presents to flow through the pen onto the paper.

Step 3: Gentle. Remove any judgment around what appears. Give space for what does appear.  Allow any intangible scribble to creatively scrawl over the page.

Step 4: Place the pen back to your dominant hand. 
Write a gentle open ended question in response to the answer you received. Be curious, but gentle.

  • For example, ask yourself why do I feel this way

Step 5: Place pen back to non dominant hand. Wait for the answer and give space to allow it to flow onto the page.

Step 6: Repeat this process, allowing what to be to be. Ask gentle open ended questions from a place of curiosity, as if speaking to a child who was on stage in front of an audience of thousands.  How would you feel if you were possibility under the microscope for observation with vulnerability palpable by all. 

This is an exercise of connecting to your Inner Child.

The Inner Child in You

Our Inner Child is a part of our psyche. A part that has not fully matured along our journeying to adulthood. A part that mysteriously got left behind. As if he/she ran away during our childhood to play hide and seek, and has only just now decided to re-emerge and be seen. 

There are many reasons why this happened, which is what makes us all so beautifully unique. It can be something so simple as stumbling as a child, looking up from the ground for Mum or Dad and not seeing them present – then automatically taking on a sense of abandonment. 
It could be answering a question in school that the teacher asked, giving the answer eagerly, to have the teacher tell you, you weren’t correct, in front of the whole class.  Taking on a sense of shame or embarrassment for trying and seemingly failing. 
There are billions of reasons. Some seemingly silly to the adult version of you. Some painfully realistic and potentially still very present during your days as an adult. They don’t call it healing for fun. They call it healing because it is. 

So now that you are building your consciousness muscles and learning who you are and about your ego, your interactions and conversations should become a whole lot more interesting.

  • We can see our experiences through a new set of filters.
  • We can decipher what is real and not real. 
  • We have learnt our first tool for reflection: What is mine, what is not mine.

This lesson is especially pertinent when conversating with friends, family, colleagues, anybody…

Consciousness building

We all communicate through our filters.

Our filters are our conditioning. Our beliefs that have been created since the day we came into this life. They are the lessons we have learnt through the behavior of our tribe. Our family, our parents and grandparents. Our conscious and unconscious communications and ways of being are influenced by them. We innately take on our family geneology. This is where we learn about how money doesn’t grow on trees. Why we weren’t born in tents, and what did you last slave die of?  Plus many many more…

It is said that our first of years are where we undertake the most primal of learning from our tribe. How conscious your parents were, can contribute towards the beliefs you have taken on. First things first... We ALL have this conditioning. We have all learnt from our parents.

It is now, with our consciousness building, that we are able to see perhaps for the first time, what we learnt from our parents. Perhaps a lot of it you may like, and choose to hold on to. And perhaps a lot of it you might not like, and may choose to let go of it. Money, work, health and relationships are often the primary areas of reflection.  

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