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How to Start Your Healing Journey By Healing Your Psyche

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How to Start Your Healing Journey By Healing Your Psyche

Let's first explain what is the psyche. The psyche is the recollection of our soul imprints that we carry throughout lifetimes. It is the mood that we carry through and these imprints make our individual soul.

Whatever thought, attitudes, patterns you fed, this is what you carry on to your next lifetime and we inherit this through our DNA, which carries the information.

This is why if we have held on and we have been attached to mind states, belief systems, fear and traumas from the past then in this lifetime, we can see it manifest through an unbalance psyche.

How to start healing your psyche coaching video

Thank you, hello beautiful souls! Welcome to our channel. We are Jess and Galia. Today, we are going to talk about how to start healing your psyche. But before we get started, what is the psyche? Well, the psyche is the collection of our soul imprints that we carry throughout lifetimes. It is the moods that we carry through, and these imprints are what make our individual souls unique. Whatever thoughts, attitudes, and patterns we have are carried on through our next lifetime, and we inherit this through our DNA which carries the information. This is why, if we have held on and have been attached to certain mind states, belief systems, fears, and traumas of the past, then in this lifetime we can see it manifest through an unbalanced psyche.

Thank you for this introduction. Like you said, the psyche becomes unbalanced because of unresolved traumas, and this is really deep because the psyche can create archetypal defenses to protect itself from the pain, suffering, and impact of trauma. We need to understand that a sick psyche can actually create self-destructive forces, leading to self-attack. The psyche is attacking its own self, and because the psyche creates forms to manifest into the physical world, it's an entity that is both physical and spiritual. This transitional state between the physical and spiritual means that the psyche is ruled by spirit and can affect the field. That's why it's really important to take this power back and understand how our psyche works.

We want to talk about how this imbalance can manifest, maybe through psychic attacks and how they are self-created. Psychic attacks are actually a personal attack on the self when we have mental distortions and are not able to discern truth from lies. This makes us susceptible to psychic attacks, especially for intuitives, when there's a lot of internal conflict echoing from past lifetimes. In this lifetime, those themes show up in our lives through things like dark entities trying to harm us in our dreams or everyday life, paranoia, or distorted relationships with others. These attacks are internal, but a person with distortion cannot see it and thinks it's happening externally.

Psychic attacks can only happen if we have a distortion in our own field. We resonate with the distortion and give it life because it is still within us and needs to become visible to us, so it manifests through the external. To start healing the psyche, we must undergo an internal psychological process, first becoming aware of our toxic patterns and the emotions and actions that cause suffering in our lives. By becoming more self-aware and understanding our triggers, we can heal and transform on a soul level, leading to psychological deaths and rebirths. This transformation requires changing the way we see the world, as what we experience externally is a reflection of our inner world.

Tapping into the field involves questioning where we feel pain in our bodies, as trauma may be stuck in the body and need to be analyzed. Understanding and accepting this pain as a part of ourselves is essential in the healing process. We hope this video was able to trigger something in you and that you resonated with our words. We appreciate your support, comments, and subscriptions to our channel. Thank you so much, and we will see you in the next episode.






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