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What is an Image coach?

Appearances are everything. Or so they say. We do live in a time where looks matter. A lot. As long as you’re projecting an image aligning with your goals and values, there’s no harm in a little vanity. Hiring an image coach will enable you to embody the very best version of yourself. And that’s not just appearance-wise. They can help enhance your personal and professional image. Thus, giving way to authenticity and uniqueness.

What does an Image coach do?

A first impression lasts. It really does. 

Did you know that even after receiving information that contradicted initial impressions, people still hold on to their judgments and assessment (McConell &Rydell, 2006)? 

Not only that, these so-called first impressions shape our social interactions. A brief encounter can have a considerable impact on your relationships with people. Your interactions after the first one are already influenced by someone else's perception of you (Gunaydin et al., 2017). 

But hey, no pressure. Just keep in mind how important making a positive and favorable first impression is. 

Despite all these facts and studies, deviating from that initial impression is plausible. Especially if you somehow made a fool of yourself in front of someone you just met. 

Here at Life Coach Hub, we do believe that while first impressions have a massive impact, they're not everything. After all, they can be deceiving as well. 

Ever heard of fake it till you make it? Or that overused "Don't judge a book by its cover." 

We're all just trying to navigate through life. At times, we're not feeling our best, and that's when people catch us off guard. 

What we do know is that that first impression needs to be supplemented by how you continually present and carry yourself.

So, if you do end up giving off an unlikeable first impression, you can easily rectify that through the help of an image coach. Besides, what truly matters is how you're authentically you. You can just turn that first impression around and give people the surprise of a lifetime!

Here's a breakdown of what an image coach does and can help you with:

Grooming and Appearance

Why do you think beauty and grooming products are multibillion-dollar industries? We humans place a certain level of importance on how we look. Even though, sometimes, there's misinterpretation—unhealthy vanity, it's actually a form of self-care. 

Who would want to appear unkempt and smell putrid, right? Just imagine walking in the city where people part like the red sea. And no, not because you command the room with your presence or aura. But because you actually repel people. 

While cultural differences can play a part in your standards of beauty and your grooming practices, there's a general consensus of appearing presentable. 

True enough, an image coach not only guides you in acquiring better grooming practices. But also helps you in loving yourself. There's only a certain level of control you have over how you look. 

The rest? Genetics. 

A reminder that the European standard of beauty is not a norm. An image coach can aid you in realizing this. Therefore, putting the proper emphasis on the strengths you already hold. 

Personal Style Assessment

We're not all born fashionistas. Sadly. But not a crime. This only means that asking for a helping hand is always an option. 

That help may sometimes be in the form of an image coach. Often known as a personal stylist or image consultant, an image coach is just the person you need to define your style. They will account for your body type, clothing preferences, and your overall lifestyle. These are just some of the things that factor in finding your personal style. 

Because let's face it, not all styles look good on us. Some look better on others and vice versa. With an image coach, you'll be able to determine what works and what doesn't. You can curate a personalized wardrobe selection together with your image coach.

Do I need an Image coach?

The fact that you’re asking yourself that and looking for answers at Life Coach Hub proves that you do need one. Like what was mentioned above, help is always among your options.

Here are the help that an image coach can provide you:

Special Occasion Styling

A special occasion isn’t an everyday thing. You bring out the best accessories. Take out the most luxurious garments. Spray the best-smelling perfume you own. Basically, just the best of everything.

Special occasions require special attention. And special attention is what you’ll get by hiring an image coach.

It isn’t enough to just wear every designer thing you own. You have to know which goes with what.

With an image coach at your side, you’ll receive top-notch help in styling for any occasion. May that be for a farewell party for a supervisor, a promotion celebration for your efforts, or the launch of your business.

As a matter of fact, you won’t need to have a special occasion just to look good and feel good. Every event you’ll attend will have you bringing your best self with an image coach’s help.

Saving Time and Effort

It comes with the expertise. Actually, add money to that as well. Finding your personal style will require trial and error. And mind you, doing several of those means spending more. 

An image coach can offer you up-to-date knowledge and tailored advice. All the while eliminating the stress and overwhelming feelings of keeping up with fashion trends. 

They can help you make informed choices and build a versatile wardrobe. Both of which will allow you to focus your energy on other important areas of your life.


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  • Coach DeBorah Beatty United States $79 - $15000 USD Contact me

    DeBorah Beatty

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    Solo business owner expert

    Small Business Passionista and Oughta-Pilot Disconnector

  • Coach John Gilfillan Australia $100 - $300 USD Contact me

    John Gilfillan

    Free Call!
    Life, Business and Attitude Coach

    An understanding coach who will guide you to your chosen outcome.

  • Coach Tatenda Magronah Dangirwa South Africa $65 - $150 USD Contact me

    Tatenda Magronah Dangirwa

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    Certified ACC-Level

    Tatenda is a certified coach with ACC-level credentials.

  • Coach Tiffany Sellers United States $150 - $1200 USD Contact me

    Tiffany Sellers

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    MBA, Personal Branding Expert

    Tiffany is a personal branding expert and transformational business coach.

  • Coach Alan Lidz United States $75 - $200 USD Contact me

    Alan Lidz

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    BS; MS; Ph.D.

    I will join with you in overcoming barriers and reaching goals that you desire!

  • Coach Maisy Maddox United Kingdom $45 - $60 USD Contact me

    Maisy Maddox

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    Women's Life Coach

    With 20 years communication and coaching experience I specialise in working with women now.

  • Coach Alison Thompson Australia $150 - $2400 USD Contact me

    Alison Thompson

    Free Call!
    Peak Performance Coaching Services

    Peak Performance Coaching Services

  • Coach Elena Nugent United States $100 - $2199 USD Contact me

    Elena Nugent

    Free Call!

    I am very passionate about helping people to live better lives.

  • Coach Talia Osborne United States $100 - $500 USD Contact me

    Talia Osborne

    Free Call!

    I coach Christian women -help them gain confidence, deepen their relationship with God, & say no.

  • Coach Shinese Collins United States $300 - $2500 USD Contact me

    Shinese Collins

    Free Call!

    Overcome your fears, optimize your brilliance and ooze the right kind of confidence to advance.

  • Coach Becka Johnson United States $10 - $20 USD Contact me

    Becka Johnson

    Free Call!
    Emotional Intelligence Coach

  • Coach Caroline Connolly United Kingdom $25 - $40 USD Contact me

    Caroline Connolly

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    EDI Diploma in Life Coaching

    You have the POWER to have the life you've always dreamed of and I can show you how.

  • Coach Avra Avra Lyraki Greece $60 - $150 USD

    Avra Avra Lyraki

    Communications Coach & Mentor

    Corporate Communications' Coach, Mentor & Speaker

  • Coach Leigh Dokos United States   Contact me

    Leigh Dokos

    Free Call!
    Natural Wellness & Stress Mngmt

    We specialize in natural wellness techniques and stress management with a special focus on Veterans.

  • Coach Renuka Tandon India $150 - $750 USD Contact me

    Renuka Tandon

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    Self-Leadership Coach | Aligning Careers, Personal Brand and Cx Presence  

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How can an Image coach help me?

Trust is the glue of life. It is the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships. Stephen Covey Coaching Quote

Not anyone can just become an image coach. There's a certain level of creativity that these professionals possess. They take into consideration the unique factors that each of their clients have. From there, they come up with tailored solutions to your goals and needs. 

Image coaches help turn client vision into reality. Moreover, they, too, can help you with the following:

Career or Business Advancement

These two play a vital role in your career or business venture. It's even arguable that the ultimate survival of any business lies in having a recognizable image and favorable reputation (Balmer & Gray, 1998). 

How familiar are you with the saying, "Any publicity is good publicity?" It's closely related to that one quote from Oscar Wilde that goes, "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." 

But just how true are these? Bad publicity equals bad reputation. And with how sensitive the world is today. Businesses and people get quickly canceled by saying the wrong things. 

All are avoidable when you hire an image coach, of course. Might as well ensure that what they know about you is something good and of value. 


There comes a point in life when you'll have that intense desire to change for the better. When that day comes, an image coach is a viable option to help you with self-improvement.

Just to reiterate. There are things that are within, and there are those that are beyond your control. Sometimes, self-improvement means learning to love yourself.  

Achieving the image you want to project for the world to see continues beyond improving your looks. It also stems from a healthy well-being. An image coach can also assist you in exchanging damaging ways for better ones. Take your eating habits, for one. You and your coach can come up with a healthy meal plan.

Another may be fixing your sleeping patterns. Most of all, an image coach can help you in becoming comfortable in your own skin. Up to the point that you'll be so self-assured that almost nothing can shake you. 

How can an image coach help me?


Five great reasons to hire an Image coach

It all comes down to your benefit, of course. To hire an image coach is to accept that some things need changing in your life. Changes you need to do in order for you to live your best life.

Basically, it's you putting your foot down. And finally, going after a much-deserved improvement. Enlisting the help of an image coach can help you improve all the following areas:

Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication

People tend to rely on non-verbal cues when verbal and non-verbal communication are in conflict with each other (Phutela, 2015). As looks can be deceiving as well, the best course of action is through body language observation.

You would want to avoid throwing off a potential business partner or investor with your lousy or off-putting demeanor. Or if you tend to feel and act awkwardly in social settings, it can give off a wrong impression without you meaning too.

Luckily, an image coach is highly equipped to guide you out and far from these situations. They can do so by helping you become aware of your posture, gestures, and overall body language. They'll provide you guidance on how you can always present yourself in a positive and approachable manner.

A long-lasting impression is cemented by holding yourself with grace. And gracefulness, as it so happens, is at the golden mean between spontaneity and control. Control in your actions, yes. But still without being too uptight or strained.

Keep in mind that your body language speaks volumes and influences observers' behaviors (Lewis, 2012).

Communication Skills 

It's crucial to know how to communicate effectively with others. It's vital for you to be able to function daily at your workplace. It's essential just about anywhere you go. It's a basic life skill (duh!)

Moreover, an idea on its own won't mean anything. It is only after we express them in a concrete way will they become tangible (Sen, 2007). Getting an idea across can prove challenging. It can happen that the essence of what you want to say is lost in your delivery.

The reputation of being a stuttering fool isn't a good one. A thing that an image coach can help you with. By having one, you'll have someone helping you to improve your verbal communication. This will include your tone, clarity, and compelling messaging.

Saying something is not enough. You have to deliver it effectively. Because the more organized and clear your communication pattern is, the greater the impact of your message.

Etiquette and Manners 

At first look, etiquette sounds too formal. Something that seemingly only 20th-century people were inclined to do. But paired with manners, they actually make up basic human decency.

Specific social settings require different levels of formality. Some are more relaxed in nature. In contrast, some require more finesse. A college party or a rave fall into the first category. Black tie events, on the other hand, are under the latter.

You need to adjust accordingly. You need to act based on where you are, who you're with, and what you're doing. Being too controlled and uppity in a bar will make you a party pooper. Being too loud and reckless in an evening event will garner snide remarks from other attendees.

However, whatever the circumstances may be, you need to keep your manners intact.  

This is one of the great reasons for you to hire an image coach. They can help you navigate through any social situation with poise and grace. You'll know dining etiquette, networking, introductions, or connecting with others.

Personal Branding

You have unique qualities, skills, and values others don't possess. These combined can cast a light on you and help you develop your personal brand. With the help of an image coach, prepare to create an identity for yourself or your business that will truly put your presence out there.

While reputation is your credibility, personal branding is about your visibility. An image coach's expertise can guide you in creating a brand that not only attracts clients and forges relationships but one that aligns with everything you stand for.

A professional will help you with how you want to engage others. This may include building your online presence. Through various social platforms available today, it's easier for you to share your thoughts. Also, to express your expertise in a particular field, and communicate with your audience.

Boosting Self Confidence

Some people are not as confident as others may be. Something that won't be an issue for you once hiring an image coach. By working with one, you can significantly boost your confidence. They can help you achieve this by identifying and highlighting your best qualities.

Another would be providing guidance on your personal style. Something that will enhance your overall presentation. Consider them your personal stylist ?

You also get an instant cheerleader who empowers you to be more confident in your appearance and communication. These may seem like simple changes and tweaks, but they will have an immensely positive impact on other aspects of your life.

5 Great Reasons to hire an image coach

Questions an image coach might ask you

It’s no surprise that your image coach will ask you several questions during your sessions. Questions are, after all, at the very core of any coaching. 

You don’t have to feel pressured to answer. There are no wrong or right answers to these. They are simply there to make you realize and see certain things you weren’t aware of initially.

Some of these questions are:

  • How do you want to be perceived?
  • How would you describe your current wardrobe?
  • What styles would you like to emulate, if there are any?
  • How much do you value comfort and practicality in your clothing preference?
  • How would you rate how organized you are as a person?
  • What is your usual routine and overall lifestyle?
  • What are your personal and professional goals related to your image?
  • What aspects of your current image do you want to change?
  • How would you describe your personal style, not just wardrobe-wise?
  • What are the qualities that you want your brand to reflect?
  • What message do you want your image to communicate?
  • What are the difficulties or concerns you have regarding your image?
  • What area/s do you need help with when it comes to confidence?
  • What events or social functions do you think your style needs improvement? 
  • What are your shopping habits? 

Next steps: How do I find an image coach near me?

Reach out to a few of our talented image coaches in the list above. When you hear back, you can set up a time for a free consultation to see if you are a good fit. Or submit a coaching request for us to match you to your ideal coach. Time to take action and find success!

If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you. Zig Ziglar Coaching Quote

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