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4 Helpful Tips From A Productivity Junkie

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You don't need to do it all today! Three things a day will keep you moving in the right direction without overwhelm.

Nowadays, It’s so easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by life’s to-do’s. If you knew me personally you would know I’m not a huge fan of feeling caught up or overwhelmed. Instead I've found I like to face those two head on by being productive with my time.

As much as I love to have fun, I love getting stuff done so I can have more time to do the things I truly enjoy!

Here are a few tips which help me get moving, make it happen and get it done:

1.  Make a list.

I know what you may be thinking, “Whoa! A List? No Thanks”. But hold on a second. Our lives are so jam-packed with things to do or things we want to do that it’s just not even possible to rely solely on memory to get things done. I make lists using to get a clear visual of the true work-load on my plate. I’m a right brain so I need visuals and Workflowy has made list making, oh so fun and totally do-able.

I also find it helps to keep your to-do list down to three priority items a day. No need for overwhelm. Three items a day will do you just fine. Check one item off as you go along and before you know it, you’ll be free to go Seize The Day!


2.  Put your Smart Phone to good use.

Throughout my day I often get tons of great ideas or thoughts that I often lose unless I write them down. Whenever I have an “A-Ha” moment, I take a second to whip out my iPhone and make a note of it.

Now I’m not promoting smart phones because any phone will do. The point here is to catch those awesome thoughts and ideas and jot them down before you lose them again!

P.s. you can also use your smart phone to set a task timer to build your productivity little by little. Say one of your tasks for the day is to clean the kitchen. Set a timer for 30 or 45 minutes, turn on some music and get cleaning. When the timer dings, your done and boom you just added to your productivity for the day.

3.  Jot down priority “To-Do's” in your Google calendar.

I own three super cute and precious calendars and do you honestly want to know where those super cute and precious calendars are right now? Buried in my old college backpack in a closet.

Unfortunately I have tried over and over again to put at least one of those babies to good use but in the end, I just couldn't make it work. Although there is one calendar system that never seems to fail me and that is my good ole Google calendar. It’s linked to my email which makes it incredibly easy to align my to-dos and I can also attach documents for consecutive event days. And did I mention you can send yourself customized alerts to notify you when an important event is coming up? Google calendar keeps my life in line which in turn aids me to keep a pretty productive flow.

 4.  Celebrate!

Celebrate yourself for getting things done  and making it happen! Seriously, give yourself some props.

(This is my favorite tip of them all. As you can see, I’m not too hung up on getting things perfect, I just want to get sh*t done so I can enjoy my time doing things I truly enjoy!)

How do you go about getting stuff done? I’d love to know in the comment section below.

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