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Time Management – Learning to Say No

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Saying “No”, can be scary.

We all want to be helpful; in fact so many of us are so helpful to others we can't get our own work in alongside it.

The real secret to saying no so that it doesn't offend other people is to give a reason for saying no. “I'd love to help but I'm currently working on x, y and z projects and can't give it the time it deserves.” This is just one way of deflecting additional work and preserving your time.

Ask yourself: How do you think you could say “no” in polite but effective way?

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  • Asim Bukhari
    April 12, 2013

    So true! If I had a cent for every time I couldn't say "No" to someone, I'd be able to buy myself a private island by now! I'm a people pleaser but that certainly has not worked to my advantage. I really need to change the way I perceive people and things! Wish we luck!

  • Dylan Busam
    April 14, 2013

    Good luck Asim! I hope you have taken the necessary steps to improve yourself. Power to the word 'NO'! Something you can incorporate into maintaining this new habit is to always deny someone with a smile and reasons. For example, if your colleague asks you for a favor and you're too swamped to help, smile and tell them just that! People tend to be more understanding when you're able to give them reasons aside from just 'No'.

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