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Do You Have A Plan and a Map? How to Reorganize Your Life with Effective Time Management

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If things are not progressing for you the way you intended it may be a good time to take stock in some areas of your life. Making small changes to your time management, attitude, confidence, goal planning, communication, and outlook can give you huge returns in the success path of your life.

In this article, I want to discuss the first step in starting your journey toward effective time management. As with many problems that seem impossible to manage, the first step is to start at the beginning and analyze your current process. Having a coach to help you in this initial step is a wonderful gift you can give yourself, but it is something you can do yourself as well. The key is being honest with yourself and sometimes it takes an outsider to help one see the truth. 

Begin with the Kiss (Keep It Simple, Superstar) philosophy. Start by recording what you do every day for three to five days (be sure at least one of those days includes the weekend).

I had a client who did a 'to do' list every day but couldn't seem to get half the items done within the 24 hour period assigned to these tasks. He came to me for help and we started at the beginning. I had him analyze his current daily routine and the answers became glaringly obvious. He was doing things that weren't on his to do list, had nothing to do with his future plans, and were, quite frankly a waste of time.

Initially, he didn't see it that way. He felt these items were necessary to keep his mind in the game so we wound up creating a vision and mapping out a strategy to help him reach his goals. Now, he follows a schedule and has made significant improvements in his journey to success.

It all started at the beginning with the initial analysis and with a gentle nudge from his coach to help him get out of his own way, he found the success he was looking for. You can too.

I consider time management a foundational skill for reorganizing your life. Once you've set a plan for the future (vision) and you've created a map (time management) to get there your journey has begun and that is when you can focus on any other areas that may be holding you back.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found this tip helpful. Have a wonderful day.  


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