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How to Improve Time Management

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Most people with ADHD struggle with managing time and forming routines. It's important for people with ADHD to come up with strategies to improve time management. Here are some quick and easy strategies you can apply today!

Using calendars wisely

  1. Divide yearly calendars into manageable sections (for instance: quarterly, three-month, calendars; semester calendars for those in school; and so on…).
  2. Recognize and highlight major events or tasks on the visual calendar.
  3. Post calendars by the computer or bed, or somewhere you will see often.
  4. Ask your coach to keep a copy of same calendar for reference and review during check-ins.
  5. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Long-term goals help with lifelong direction. Short-term goals ensure we meet our lifelong direction. 
  6. Verbalize your goals to others. Discussing them consolidates your commitment and creates social pressure.
  7. Set up regular check-ins with your coach to create accountability and structure.
  8. Be sure to check off items as you complete them.


Managing Actual Time

  1. Mark discrete start and stop times for activities. Detailed planning slows down the brain and allows for more accurate focus. 
  2. Set the DEPARTURE time, not the arrival time!
  3. Plan to arrive early (have reading material, stuff to do ready to go to offset boredom).
  4. Grab & Go (have needed items by the door and ready to go).
  5. Time yourself on frequently traveled routes. Know how much it really takes to get there!
  6. Set the record in your head “I have to leave at “so and so” time.”  Say it over and over again.
  7. Look at the clock frequently.
  8. Set reminders and timers – allow for countdown time.
  9. Think about times when you are on time. Think about what events you are on time for.  Notice why this happens and what you can do to set similar parameters for otherevents/appointments.
  10. Imagine being on time. Visualize how you feel by being prompt. Do anxieties go away?

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  • Larrah H
    September 25, 2014

    Such great and concrete strategies. Thanks coach!


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