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Quick Time Management Tips

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Time flies. Use your wisely.

Many people say that they are busy and stressed out with no time to do anything that they really want to do or enjoy. These people say that life feels like a juggling act; they are rushed and harried with so much on their plates, they are simply hoping that they don’t drop the ball when it comes to something important. Does any of this sound familiar?

While you may not be able to get rid of some of your obligations, you can take steps to manage them better. Learning some effective time management techniques can help you cut out the clutter, leaving you more time to focus in on what is important while having free time to pursue what is fun. The following are just a few time management tips to help you know where to start:

  • Remember that you can’t get more time. You can manage your time, but you can’t make more. There will be 24 hours in a day no matter what you do, so you need to make the most of them with time management techniques.
  • Use tools to help you manage your time.This could be something as simple as a watch with a timer or a basic wall calendar. For most of us, however, using smartphone applications that help with scheduling, tracking hours worked, organizing tasks, and so on will come in very handy as you stop juggling and start managing your time.
  • Cut out the filler.This is a top time management tip, so pay attention! You need to stop the little things that rob you of time if you want to really manage your time. Instead of waiting in line for coffee daily, make it at home as you get ready. Instead of surfing the web and reading random articles, you could be doing something more productive or even truly enjoyable. Start looking for little time wasters and eliminate them.
  • Prioritize everything.You need to start figuring out what is most important to you. If spending time with your children is a priority, you should treat it like one by scheduling a half an hour to read to them every night. If fitness is important, you should start taking a run in the morning instead of watching television news. Take a little time away from the filler to make a list of priorities and begin to schedule these things into your day.
  • Set goals. Having goals is another top time management technique. When you have your eye on your prize and are working toward something, your priorities and what you spend your time on all start falling into place. As you strive to earn a promotion or run your first half marathon, you will get more focused, and all the filler will start to fall away. Don’t set too many goals, though; up to five at a time should more than suffice.

These quick time management tips are really just the start. There are many time management techniques that people employ to be more efficient, productive, and free from stress. Coaching is a great way to start practicing these better ways of managing your time, as life coaches are skilled in helping you get your life in order.

However you choose to go about it, you should get started today, as almost everyone can benefit greatly from better time management.

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