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How to Avoid Negative Thoughts: The Power of "Pause"


Wondering how to avoid negative thoughts? Mottos and mantras are one of the best ways to retrain our brain and turn negative thoughts into positive outcomes.

Think of your negative thoughts as a computer virus. If someone sent you a corrupted email that you knew would destroy your computer’s hard drive, would you open it? I hope not! The same rule applies here. Those negative thoughts are poison. If you allow them to go unchecked they have the power to destroy all the work you are doing to change your life. Here's how to remove negative thoughts from your mind...

GIVE your negative thoughts NO MINDSPACE

  1. Change the subject on your thoughts,
  2. Have your mantra ready, and
  3. Hill them in action.


THE POWER OF “PAUSE” when training your brain to avoid negative thoughts

When negative thoughts come up, recognize and acknowledge them, and then just ask them to PAUSE. If you tell a brain who’s been trying to solve a problem for years that you’re just not going to think about it anymore, it will probably start to panic and create even more anxiety. And that is not our goal. Baby steps are just fine.

So when that thought comes in just say, “I see you, but let’s think about that in an hour.” In that hour, be determined not to think about that subject AT ALL. This technique relieves immediate and constant stress because you’ve promised you’ll get back to it later. Then when it comes up again do the same. See if you can push it back one or two more times. This is teaching your brain how to think as told rather than think how it wants. 

Then keep your promise to your negative thoughts

You've successfully learned how to avoid your negative thoughts, but you need to keep your promise to deal with them at some point. So pick a time of day that works for you to sit down and actually think about whatever is the stressful issue. Give it ten or fifteen minutes to think about it and maybe write it out. This is your time to “deal” with whatever’s been bugging you.

If it tries to steal your sleep and keep you up all night, say, “I will sit down over my morning coffee and figure this out tomorrow.” You are forcing yourself to contain those thoughts to a specific time where you can give them the attention they need, devise a plan to work on your issue, and then you’re closing the door on those thoughts for the rest of the day. 

Weaning off the negative thoughts

Learning how to avoid negative thoughts is kind of like weaning yourself free from those old habits instead of going cold turkey. And that’s just fine; it works the same way, because we are becoming actively aware of our thoughts and choosing not to think about them every time they pop up. Then when you are stronger you can reverse those negatives, and eventually use #MottoForLife to reinforce your new belief system.

All of this is a process, and a journey. It takes time. Be kind to yourself. Recognize how far you’ve come in just reading this article and wanting to change.  So don’t be hard on yourself. These thinking patterns don’t change overnight or without work, but it can be done. And the payoff is LIFE-CHANGING!

Next Steps

Talk to a coach to get started working on weaning yourself off those negative thoughts and changing limiting beliefs.

Happiness coaches can help you find ways to be authentically happy.

Wellness coaches can help you turn towards positive thinking and emotions.

NLP coaches and help you with powerful NLP techniques to change the way you think.


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