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Our Perspective Is Important

How Important Is Your Mindset in Life

It seems to be one of the most important aspects in life. Your mindset detemines the way in which you live your life.

There are some people who believe that jogging every morning for half an hour or one hour is good for their systems. There are others who believe that having an ice-cold shower every morning does wonders for the mind and body. While there are some individuals who believe that meditating every morning for ten minutes before the start of the day is beneficial. They are all right and it works for them, as their mindset makes it possible.


Breaking a Habit

Have you recently tried to develop a new habit, break an old one or just take up a hobby? The first step, that first day is always the toughest, the day we begin to walk a new path. But, as we all know that the more that we do something, anything in life, a good habit, a bad habit, a hobby or develop a new skill, the better we become at it.

If you want to eat healthy, start with a new diet plan. The first few days will be difficult, but after a week, it will be the most common thing to do. The same is the case for learning a new skill or getting a new hobby. The more you practise at your new skill the easier it will seem for you. A new hobby will become second nature to you, after a few weeks.

Changing your mindset

We find that by changing our mindset, we change the way in which we view the world. Our perspective is so important for all the choices we make in life. It is up to you to develop habits, skills and hobbies which will help you to grow, develop and advance in life.

Your perspective and your unique views of life will change drastically and positive changes will bring you positive rewards in life. So, changing your perspective, can change your life, your world and the lives of all those who matter to you in life.

How a new mindset can change your life

Jim looks out of his window every morning and sees the dead leaves and the dead trees in his garden. The fence in his garden is broken and needs to be repaired. He always feels that the garden needs to be attended to but he never has the time. In his life he feels disappointment, resentment and he does not care what people think about him. Jim has a loving wife and family. His wife Judith, prepares a warm meal for him every day, keeps the home tidy, clean and makes sure that the children are taken care of, from their education to their day-to-day activities.

When Judith looks out of the kitchen window every day as she prepares the meals and washes the dishes, she sees the lovely golden sunrise and the beautiful orange sunset. Judith looks at the world and her life as a gift to herself and her family. She wants her husband to be a success in life and her children to stand on their feet as independent adults someday. Judith has a positive perspective on the world, while her husband Jim views the world negatively.

One day Judith and Jim watched a motivational video which their son Albert had prepared on his computer for a school project. The theme of the video was “Time Management”. The family sat down to watch the video after dinner one Friday night. Using video footage, interviews, slides, music and a great script, Albert made a fantastic video about the importance of time management in life. The video lasted about forty minutes and it was a great experience for the family, which included Judith, Jim, Albert and their two younger daughters Lucy and Mary.

The next morning, Jim took out his gardening clothes and he started to remove the dead leaves, clear the area where a lot of rubbish had collected. By the afternoon, with the help of his son Albert Jim was repairing the garden fence. The work lasted for two whole days. On Monday morning, the garden was transformed, it looked tidy, neat and pretty with the hidden flower patch now in full bloom, also in full view.

As Jim dressed to go out to work, he looked out through his kitchen window and admired his handiwork in the garden. Jim was feeling good today on a Monday and that was unusual, he usually hated Mondays.

Jim was cheerful as he had his breakfast made lovingly by his wife. He kissed Judith, told his children goodbye and walked out to work at the Car showroom, where he sold cars. As he arrived at work, he was received with smiles, which was a response to his cheerful look he had that day. This transformation made a great impact on Jim’s life. He was now viewing the world with fresh eyes. He knew that he could change his life, his circumstances and nothing needed to be the way it was in life.

Eventually, Jim got a new job, with a better position and a higher salary. Jim now managed his time well. He put all he could into a day. He divided his day into compartments. At work he devoted his time, his mind and his energy to his work and did his best in all his projects. At home, Jim would now spend more time with his family. Jim spent more time with his wife and children, he took them to the park, to the cinema and they even went on holidays.

Jim realized that he needed to use his days well, and to make the most of all that mattered to him in life. His perspective on life had changed. He was a more positive, productive and happier person. Jim created his happiness by changing the way in which he viewed his world.

You can make a difference in your life too, by changing your mindset today.


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