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Are you Running on Empty by Multi-Tasking?

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In today's fast paced world, being able to multi-task is a skill that many covet, but it can also add stress to your life if not done correctly. It takes mindfulness to recognize when it's important to slow down. Being present in every moment of your life is a truly remarkable and yet difficult skill to master.

Creating check points throughout the day to do a mindful analysis on your stress level can really help encourage the being in the moment ideal and also help you monitor potential concerns in the realm of stress and wellness that may pop up from being overworked. 

When you feel you're stressed or anxious, slow things down and take one thing at a time. Allow your mind, body and soul to reconnect before putting yourself into high gear again. 

Coaching question:

How many times a day to do you check your stress level?

I recommend taking a stress check break once an hour on busy days and every couple of hours on less stressful days. When you're in a safe place where you can close your eyes and focus inward for a moment, run through a quick check of your mind and body. Just like the diagnostic of a car, your body and mind need regular check ups too. 

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