How do teams work on Life Coach Hub?


If you own a company of coaches, you can use our software for all the coaches in your team. Creating a team will allow you to pay for all your coach's subscriptions if you choose (you can also have each pay themselves) and collect all payments (you can also have each collect their own payments). It will also allow you to oversee their profile and details, appointments and clients.

Creating a Team Account

When setting up your account, choose Team, then Admin. By choosing Admin, you will become the Admin in charge of the team. You can have all payments to team members go to one account or to each team member's account. You can also pay for all team member subscriptions from one account, or have each team member pay individually. Discounts apply to team coaches, as listed below.

You'll create a Team Name, and then be given a Team Code. Instruct your team members to choose Team and then Team member when registering, and then to enter the Team Code.

Team administration

You will have access to your team console on the menu bar under Team Admin. As an admin, you will have access to: each coach's details, each coach appointments and available times, and each coach's clients.

Quantity discounts on team coaches

The more coaches in your team, the more you save (whether you are paying from one admin account or each coach pays individually). Team coaches will receive the discount listed below on all subscriptions and add-ons.

    •    2-5 Team coaches 30% off
    •    6-10 Team coaches 35% off
    •    11-20 Team coaches 40% off
    •    21+ Team coaches 50% off


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