How do I use coaching assessments and forms with my course members?


You can easily create your own personalized assessents and forms which you can assign to courses. Your course members will be able to post answers to your assessments, and you will be able to comment on their responses.


Creating Assessments

  1. You can create assessments in one of two ways.
    • If you have already created a course, you can go directly to Course Management (under Coaching and Courses). Here you will see a list of your courses. Clicking on any course name will drop down a range of tools. Click on Assessments and resources. From the Assessments and Forms tab, you can create and assign Assessments.
    • Or you can create assessments from Coaching and Course Tools (under Coaching and Courses). Just click on Assessments and resources in the left hand panel.
  2. No matter which page you choose, there will be a button in the main box saying "Create an assessment." Click this button and an area will drop down where you can create your assessment.
    Choose a title and write a description. Give any instructions here that your course members will need for responding to the assessment. You can also choose to group your assessments into categories for your own private use. You can create additional categories at any time by typing into the field marked Category.
  3. Next, create your questions. These can be in the form of Yes/No, short answer, paragraph or multiple choice. If you choose multiple choice, create each alternative your client can choose from. You can create as many questions as you like—just click on "Add additional question."
  4. All your assessments created for either coaching or courses will be listed in the table so that you can easily assign them to multiple clients and courses. You can sort these to display in any way you like.

Editing Assessments

You can edit your assessments by clicking the link View/edit assessment then selecting Edit. After making your changes, if you select Save edited assessment, the assessment will be edited with your changes (this option is only available if the assessment hasn't been responded to by anyone yet). If you choose Save new version of assessment, your edits will create a new version of the assessment.


Assigning Assessments

  1. You can assign assessments from the Course Management page. Just click on the name of the course you want to assign the assessment to from list of your courses on the left-hand side of the page, and then select Assessments and resources from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the column marked Assign Date, click the link Assign or the calendar icon and select a date. This is the date your course members will be able to see your assessment.

How do I view and respond to completed Assessments?

  1. You can read your course members' responses to your assessments from the same page where you created the assessment (the Assessments and resources page in Course management).
  2. Once one of your course members has submitted their assessment, "Pending course members' responses" will change to "View course members' responses." Click on this link and a list of your course members will drop down. Beside each name will display the date the course member submitted the assessment, or will say "Not completed" if they haven‘t submitted it yet. Click on a course member's name and the questions and answers to the assessment will drop down.
  3. You can comment on each course member's responses. Just click the link Comment on client's responses at the bottom of each assessment.

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