Can I add a video to my course's welcome package?


To upload a video to your welcome package, just create a new resource. This resource can be a video or include a video. Here is how:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click create or upload a resource.
  3. Give your resource a title and description.
  4. In the box that says "Create your resource using the WYSIWYG editor”, click the button Source.
  5. In a new window, open up the YouTube video you want to have available. You can make this private so only your students will be able to see it.
  6. Click on Share below the video, then click on the Embed link. Copy and paste the text you see in the field.
  7. Return to your Resource tab, and paste the text in the WYSIWYG window (you should still be in Source mode).
  8. Click Save.
  9. You can then click View/edit resource to see your resource and play your video. This video can be added to any course welcome package now.
  10. To add this video to your course's welcome package, navigate to You can edit the welcome material for all your courses (default course material) or for a specific course (underneath).
  11. Where it says Add additional form or resource, select the resource you just created.

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