How do I customize my course welcome material?


It's easy to edit any part of your course welcome material. Just go to the Coaching and Course Tools page, located under Coaching & Courses on your dashboard menu. Choose Welcome Package Forms from the left hand menu. Select the tab called Course Welcome Material.


Customizing your welcome material

  1. You can edit your course welcome material in two ways.
    1. You can edit the default course welcome material. This is the material that is sent out by default if you haven't specified anything else to take place.
    2. Alternatively you can change the welcome material for each course, for instance by customizing the welcome letter or including different additional items and resources. Click on the course name and the list of items in your welcome material will drop down.
  2. To customize the welcome material, click on the item you wish to edit. The current version will drop down. Click Edit to edit the item.
    • The welcome letter and agreement will reveal a WYSIWYG box where you can add formatting to your letter and change the text.
    • To add additional assessments or resources, click the Select drop-down menu. Check the boxes of all items you want included.

      You can create additional assessments and resources from the Assessments and resources page in Coaching and course tools.


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