How do I let prospective clients know that I am available for a free initial consultation?


Offering an initial free consultation is a fantastic way to get new clients interested by demonstrating your value and the value of coaching. To offer a free consultation, activate your Book a Free Call tab. 


The Book a Free Call tab in your profile allows prospective clients to book a time with you to discuss a potential coaching relationship together.

a) Make sure your coaching call number and procedure are filled in

Your clients need to know how to reach you for your consultation. Input your coaching call procedure in Coaching settings. Most coaches provide a number their clients can call them on and/or a Skype name, and brief instructions describing what to do if the line is busy.

Until you complete this step, the tab on your profile page called “Book a Free Call” will be hidden. We need your coaching call details and procedure to send to these prospective clients so they know how to attend your appointment.

To set up your coaching call procedure, just choose the Settings link under the Profile & Settings drop-down in your dashboard menu bar. Then select the tab Coaching settings.

b) Schedule blocks of available time in your Calendar

So that prospective clients can book a free call with you automatically, they need to know when you are available. You can easily set aside blocks of time that will show up as available for prospective clients on your Book a Free Call tab. Just click View Calendar on the drop down Calendar menu in your dashboard, then click the button that says “Available block of time.” You can choose to set aside times when you are free to consult with clients here.

  1. At the top of the View Calendar tab, click the button "Available block of time"
  2. Choose the start time, finish time and date from the list.
  3. Choose whether this block of available time is a single occurance or if it will occur repeatedly (every day, every week, every two weeks, once a month or every two months). If it repeats, then select the ending date.


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