How do I schedule a regular coaching day and time with my client?


When you first start working with your client, you'll often agree to a regular coaching day and time. You can schedule this time by adding it to your client's settings, which will automate all alerts, and program your coaching plans. You can easily cancel any appointment later on, and also add ad hoc appointments as you wish.


Adding the regular coaching day and time in Client settings

  1. Choose Coaching Management from the drop down menu under Coaching and Course tools on your dashboard menu.
  2. Click on your client's name from the left hand sidebar to reveal the drop-down menu and then select Client Settings.
  3. Click Edit details and then enter the frequency of your coaching sessions, and the day and time you have agreed for your sessions to take place. Choose today's date as the "Starting from date" if your regular day and time starts immediately, or else schedule it to begin in the future.
  4. Set the Duration of your coaching sessions.
  5. Press submit.

Where your appointments will show up after you schedule your regular coaching day and time

  1. You can see your regularly scheduled appointments on two pages of your Calender. On the View Calendar page, all appointments will be listed (select Day, Week or Month view). They will also be listed on the Appointments page. From here, it's easy to Change or Cancel any appointment.
  2. In the Appointments and Coaching Progess page of Coaching Management, your regularly scheduled coaching day and time will populate the list of appointments. You can check here to view your client's Coaching Plans when they are complete.
  3. From their Coaching Pad, your client will see their upcoming sessions in a number of places. Scheduling your regular coaching day and time in advance reassures them of the dates they need to be available and when they need to submit their coaching plans.
    1. Your client will be alerted to their next appointment in the top section of their Coaching Pad. They will also receive an email alert.
    2. Your client will be able to see a list of their coaching sessions and the status of their Coaching plans in the Coaching Appointments tab of their Coaching Pad.
    3. Also in this tab, your client will be able to view and post their Coaching plans, by selecting the relevant appointment date from the drop-down menu.


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