How do I schedule my online coaching?


Online coaching does not involve live interaction, so you will schedule a recurring time when your client should submit a progress report. This is like the coaching plans a client would submit before and after a session. It asks the client to review accomplishments, challenges and goals since the last report date, and to report on any action items going forward.

To set up your client's progress report due date, open up Client and Coaching management.

  • Then click on the client's name from the drop down menu on the left hand side and choose Client settings.
  • Click the Edit details button under the Coaching Modalities heading.
  • Then you can select a frequency (how often you want your client to submit their Coaching progress) and the day it is due. Choose today's date as the Starting from date if your regular day and time start immediately, or else schedule it to begin in the future.

This information will then populate the page in Client and Coaching Management called Appointments and Coaching Notes (Online tab). You will see a list of all past and upcoming coaching progress report days and be able to review and comment on client answers.

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