Zapier integration: How to automate tasks when you create appointments


Zapier Integration (Beta)

You can now create Zaps using Life Coach Hub! Zaps are automated tasks that allow you to link popular apps together, such as LCH with Zoom or Google. Once you create an appointment in LCH, you can initiate an automatic action, such as creating a Zoom meeting, sending an email, adding an event to your Google calendar, and so on.

  1. Login to your account on
  2. Click the plus sign to create a new Zap.
  3. On the trigger page, search for Life Coach Hub in the menu and Select.
  4. For Trigger Event, choose New appointment.
  5. Under Choose Account, click Connect a new account.
  6. Return to your Life Coach Hub dashboard, Account settings page, and copy the API Key you see below at the bottom of the Zapier Integration instruction section. Go back to Zapier and paste this in the field named API key under “Allow Zapier to access your Life Coach Hub Account?”
  7. Make sure you have at least one appointment in your Life Coach Hub calendar before testing. If you don’t, go to the Calendar page in LCH and create a new one first.
  8. Return to Zapier and in the step Test Trigger, click the blue button “Test trigger.” Select an appointment and then click Continue.
  9. In the Action box, select the action you would like to be initiated every time you create a new appointment. For instance you could select Zoom from the list of apps and automatically create a Zoom meeting. Select the app, then select the action event you want from the list of available actions. Press continue.
  10. Sign into the second app you just selected (e.g. Zoom) to allow Zapier access.
  11. Set up the action for the second app. If there are steps, such as composing the email, you will set them up now.
  12. Test your new Zap!
  13. If all goes according to plan, turn on your Zap!

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