How do I create my website?


Welcome and Login

To edit the Welcome page and Login pages, go to your Website Content page under Website in the main menu (

  • Click on the orange Preview and Edit Page button
  • You'll be taken to a real time view of your page. Click on the sections where you’d like to change or add text, add or remove images, etc to edit it how you would like it to look.

Extra Pages

To add more pages (for Services Provided, Common Questions, etc), just go to Website Pages under Website in the main menu (

  • Click on Add page to create a new blank page
  • To edit the page, just add the content you would like using the easy editor. You can cut and paste content from your other website and format it in the way you like. If you know HTML, click on the Source Code icon and then copy and paste your HTML code here.
  • You can preview the page by clicking on View page under the Action menu
  • Click Publish under the Action menu when you are ready for it to go live

Blog articles

To add blog articles, click on Blog under the Website menu (

  • Click the Create blog entry button
  • Write your article using the easy editor, adding title and summary
  • Select a category, or create a new one
  • Click publish when you are ready for it go go live or Save as draft to keep for later


To list your offerings, you will do this through the Catalog, under Billing and Shop in the main menu.

  • Add coaching offerings and courses by clicking on Add coaching or Add course under Billing in the main menu
  • They will show automatically up on your Shop page.
  • You can edit the extra information on your page on the Website Content page ( as you did with the Welcome and Login pages.

See a sample website here:


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