How do I submit a video blog?


A fantastic way to connect with potential clients is to create video blogs. Just film yourself talking to the camera and we will add a professional quality pre and post roll. We'll promote your video and your profile in our social media, gaining you great exposure.

It's easy to create a great video blog to engage potential clients. Just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Clearly define a common problem or challenge faced by clients along with its negative consequences, and then
  2. Provide a clear set of tips or solutions to resolve that problem.

These videos need to give people a strategy they can apply that will add value by creating improvements in their lives and work. Don't hold back on giving your best advice. The more passionate and invested you are in your content and your clients the better, and the more people will want to connect with you!

If you're interested in video blogs just go to to submit a video!

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