How do I view Coaching tips I have submitted?


View the Coaching tips you've submitted, or left in draft form, from the View Quick Tips tab.

  • Your tips will be listed by title. Click the tip title to edit a draft or view your submission.
  • In the column marked Views/status, you'll be able to see if your tip is in draft form, or if it has been submitted. Once it has been moderated and published, you'll see the number of views for each tip appearing in this column.
  • If your tip says "Resubmit" it means that it's been published elsewhere online. We'd still love to share your advice, but we'd like you to rewrite it so that the expression is original, and doesn't appear elsewhere online. Remember, search engines will penalize websites who host duplicate content—even your own! So that means you should keep the content on each website you publish for, and your own blog, unique and fresh. This doesn't have to be difficult. You can use the same ideas and just repurpose the content, using fresh writing and language, on your blog as well as in tips, articles and videos for your profile.
  • After your tip is published, you can see how many Views you have. Increase your views (and people seeing your profile) by clicking the Share link—share your tip on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google Plus and your social bookmarking sites. This is another great way to gain exposure and referrals. Also make sure your Google Plus profile is linked to your Life Coach Hub profile so that your image and authorship is attributed to your posts in Google search results, for greater click-through appeal.
  • Your tips will also all be listed on your Coaching Tips page, which is like your own personal blog. Click the Share icon on this page to create even more exposure for yourself.

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